February 18, 2011

Charlie Weasley

I'm not referring to the brother of Ron Weasley from the "Harry Potter" series who loves dragons and currently in Romania. I'm referring to Charlie Weasley, my character in Ragnarok Online who's a Battle Scholar. He's now at level 72 and is currently leveling at Payon Cave killing Sohees. His signature skill is Autospell wherein he can cast magic while attacking another monster. It's like hitting two monsters with one bolt.

In the pictures, you can see that there are two lightning bolts being cast at the same time. The damage are not yet decent since he only have 55+13 Int at the moment, but once he reached 99 Int, I'm sure he'll be ditching out so much damage. I can't wait to reach level 99 so that he could transform to the 3rd job equivalent -- a Sorcerer!

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