February 22, 2011

"Sitaw" & Snickers

They are absolutely not related to each other whatsoever. The first 3 pictures is one of my favorite Filipino dish -- "Ginisang Sitaw" with Prawns (literally Sauteed Yardlong Bean). The last picture was Oreo's favorite chocolate.

I was asking him for some pictures that I could post in this blog when I saw his picture of Snickers on top of his Sony VAIO laptop. We both love chocolates but I prefer the local brand, Cloud 9 (it's cheaper).

Back to the "Sitaw" or the Yardlong Bean. I'm not good at describing the method of cooking (my mom does the cooking) but looking at the pictures, it looks delicious! And it is delicious indeed. There's a similar dish to this Sauteed Yardlong Bean, and instead of "Sitaw", you can use the famous "Baguio Beans" instead.

Bon appétit!

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