February 24, 2011

DotA 6.71b Map & Windows 7 SP1

I came across the news of a Windows 7 Service Pack (SP) 1 release from Yugatech website and when I check my Windows 7 Update, I saw the SP1 package that needs to be downloaded and install.

I've been using Windows 7 and XP on the same computer (hard disk was partitioned) and I can say that Windows 7 is really a major improvement from Windows XP in terms of graphics, sounds, etc..

I am still on the process of "migration" to Windows 7 and hopefully by the end of this month, I'm totally working on the Windows 7 OS. There are still a few programs that are not yet compatible to Windows 7 that is why I'm still using the XP side of my hard disk.

I also saw a new map from getdota.com (the Official Download Site for DotA) and it's mostly fixes and minor updates to the previous maps. DotA has been one of my favorite game since it's creation. I remember started playing version 6.22 back then (right now 6.71b is the latest). It's an addictive online game!

By the way, who among you are using Windows 7 now?

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