February 2, 2011

I Love February!

February is our month. Both Oreo and I are celebrating our birthdays in February. He'll be turning 30 this February 14and I'll be turning 34 this February 24. Wow! Truly, life begins at 30 and we should be both thankful to the Lord that we reach such an age.

February 14th is also Saint Valentine's Day which is a much-celebrated occasions for gays and straights alike. If Oreo is here in Manila, we'll probably just spend the day at the mall or a restaurant. Probably watch a movie and spend the night together. Since he's currently in Saudi, I just wish him Happy Saint Valentine's Day and reminds him not to display Christian tradition in that very secular country. I don't want him to be in any trouble.

Lastly, we'll be celebrating our 17th Monthsary this February 18th. It's been a tough journey to reach the 17th and we're still learning from each other everyday. The most important this for a relationship to work is be open to each other, no secrets being kept and commit to the relationship with all your heart and for the sake of everything that you believe.

I love you Oreo, as always.
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