September 16, 2011

“Bahay Aruga” and “Bahay Pag-asa”

It’s my rest day and I’m thinking of places to visit and feature in this blog. Since I’m near the location of Pasig City’s “Bahay Aruga” (literally, House of Care) and “Bahay Pag-asa” (House of Hope), I decided to take some pictures of this center for the juvenile delinquents.

I’m surprised to see a huge, white mansion besides the Pasig City Jail. It’s like a large duplex-house. “Bahay Aruga”  and “Bahay Pag-asa” is an intervention center for minors that are in conflict with the law. It was set up by Pasig City Mayor Roberto “Bobby” Eusebio. It’s located along Molave Street, Nagpayong, Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City.

This project is the city government’s respond to the RA 0334 or the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006. It was a law authored by Sen. Francisco Pangilinan. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed inside this facility to take more pictures but it’s good to know that the government is doing something for the juvenile delinquents. Especially now that the topic is a hot issue ever since that CCTV camera took videos of kids involved in crimes along Guadalupe, Makati.

Adjacent to the “Bahay Aruga”  and “Bahay Pag-asa” is a housing project by the Habitat for Humanity Philippines. I’ll post the pictures tomorrow.

 Bahay Aruga 011 Bahay Aruga 010Bahay Aruga 012  

Bahay Aruga 015Bahay Aruga 016Bahay Aruga 025Bahay Aruga 026

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