September 30, 2011

Pasig City’s Ordinance No. 9


I saw this huge sign at KFC-Pasig earlier when I ordered box-of-six. It reads:

“Pasig City Ordinance #9 series of 2010, “An Ordinance banning the use of any form of plastic bags on dry goods and regulating its utilization on wet goods, as well as the use of Styrofoam and similar materials as containers for food, produce and other products, providing penalties for its violation thereof and for other purposes”, applies specifically to “PLASTIC BAG” (including plastic straw) & “STYROFOAM FOOD CONTAINERS” and NOT to plastic cutleries, plastic dining wares & plastic kitchen wares utilized by fast food restaurants to serve food and drinks.” Starting July 1, 2011

That explains why KFC and Jollibee are no longer using plastic bags. I wonder how McDonalds, Pizza Hut and other fast food chains are doing. I felt like I am in the United States where paper bags are part of their everyday life.

I must say, it’s one of the best ordinance ever passed by the City Government of Pasig. I just hope that they would have the will-power to implement this for more than 1 year. I hope it’s not a “ningas-kugon” (something that doesn’t last) or simple publicity.

BTW, Jollibee’s paper bags were supplied by Detpak.


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