September 22, 2011

The Poster Boys of Happy Gay Relationships

I currently have four Poster Boys of what a gay relationship is all about: Tiggah & Pooh, Mark & Kevin (of Westlife), Tobie & Rocky (more of them soon) and Neil & David.

Neil Patrick Harris is one of the most successful gay actor in Hollywood today. He was well known before as Doogie Howser and now as Barney Stinson (“How I Met Your Mother”). He was recently interviewed for Entertainment Weekly about being gay in Hollywood and here’s what he said:

“It was not this big secret that I was trying to keep. We crafted a statement that seemed appropriate and empowering, and then we let the cards fall where they may. I wanted to be honest about things. I was admittedly concerned about the public’s reaction, and I must say, the indifference that most people expressed was the greatest reaction of all—and a reflection of a nicely evolving culture. I enjoy that I can tweet pictures of my babies, 11-month-old twins Gideon and Harper, in the morning, then don the Barney suit and make out with a couple of chicks in the afternoon, and no one bats an eye.”

David Burtka on the other hand, is the biological father of the twins and a successful chef. They always look good together. I always love their pictures whenever they go public. I see them as lovers and as best buds. I would definitely love to see them get married soon in New York.

Hopefully, once Oreo is here with me, we could also have such gorgeous picture together. Hopefully, we could also be poster boys of happy gay relationships for others.


Here’s also Neil’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres about the twins. Fabulous isn’t it?

Neil Patrick Harris talks about his twins.

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