March 11, 2011

Inspiration from Tiggah & Pooh

They are famous in the gay blogosphere as a Filipino-American gay couple living in San Diego, California, USA.
tiggah & pooh2
Their love story and devotion to each other is inspirational and have become a model for gay relationships. Their love affair defines what an ideal gay couple should have: friendship, companionship, and monogamous sex life.
According to the author of Tiggah’s Life in Random, they started out as best friends, more than 9 years ago (yes, they just celebrated their 9th year anniversary).
tiggah & pooh3 tiggah & pooh
Erny Castro (Poohburr or Pooh) is the best friend of Carlito Peralta Jr. (Tiggah or Tigguhh) for 2 years and they met in high school. Tiggah has a huge crush on Pooh (whom he thinks was straight) and was enjoying a very good friendship with him. When Pooh announced that he’s also gay, that’s where the friendship becomes a relationship. From then on, they’ve been inseparable and become like Batman & Robin (the gay version). You could read Tiggah’s story on how they met and fall in love here.
Right now, Pooh is an accomplished photographer and Tiggah is an accomplished blogger. They will be celebrating their 10th year anniversary on October 31, 2011. Tiggah is also an exhibitionist :)
Sometimes I wonder why they chose their pseudonym after the Disney tandem of Tiger and Pooh. Also, I’m always thinking (and hoping) that we could be the Philippines’ version of Tiggah & Pooh.
Elmer & Oreo – pwede!
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