March 21, 2011

More Pasig City Pictures

Here are more pictures of Pasig City, where I live. These were taken last year, when I just purchased my Canon A495 PowerShot digicam. I forgot to publish these pictures last year when I begun blogging.

These pictures were the buildings near the Pasig City Hall. We have here the Mutya ng Pasig Complex (the old revolving restaurant), Tanghalang Pasigueno, the Post Office, the newly-created Kape de Pasig (former NBI-Pasig site) and the park besides it, the new Jollibee-Pasig, Pasig City Mega Market, Old Houses near the Pasig Plaza, and also the Pasig River.

I am actually thinking of creating a separate photo blog wherein I could post the pictures I’ve taken. Could you give me a unique name for my soon-to-be photo blog?

green houseIMG_0055IMG_0064IMG_0175IMG_0176IMG_0178IMG_0183IMG_0187IMG_0188IMG_0190IMG_0192IMG_0194IMG_0195IMG_0196IMG_0197IMG_0200IMG_0201IMG_0203IMG_0204IMG_0206IMG_0207IMG_0208IMG_0210IMG_0211IMG_0212IMG_0213IMG_0214IMG_0215IMG_0217IMG_0218IMG_0219IMG_0221IMG_0222IMG_0227IMG_1055IMG_1063IMG_1064IMG_1066peraltaspanishtypical

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