March 9, 2011

What Happens in Vegas

Oreo recommended the film to me. He said that this is his new favorite film (along with The Notebook). I have no idea that Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher had this movie in 2008.
what happens in vegas
I’m not good at giving summaries of film but here it goes. Jack (Kutcher) met Joy (Diaz) in Vegas after he decided to have a vacation with his buddy Hater. Jack just got fired from a furniture company owned by his dad (his dad fired him). Joy, was a sweet loving girl, who got dumped on his boyfriend’s surprised birthday party.
So Jack and Joy met in Vegas, on the same hotel room which was given to both of them by mistake. The hotel management rewarded them with several freebies as compensation for their complaints. So Joy and Jack went to see Vegas, they got to know each other, got drunk. And they decided to get married!
The next day, they regret their decision and decided to separate ways. At that moment, Jack hit the 3 million jackpot in the slot machine using Joy’s penny. Jack and Joy both want to have the money for themselves and decided to get a divorce. The judge however, decided to settle their differences within six months and live as a couple to be able to get the money.
They live with each other, annoyed by each other’s differences. Did all sort of things to get separated (by cheating spouses) just to get the money.  During the 6 month period, they got to know each other, realized that the other has certain characteristics that they love. Jack coaches for little league and Joy is a dedicated employee. Jack eventually fell in love with Joy.
After 6 months, when they met again with the judge, Joy decided to grant the divorce to Jack and reward what remains of their 3 million dollar jackpot prize. Joy then quits her job and went on solitude in a lighthouse. Jack, who really loves Joy at this point, searched for Joy using the picture that she left in their apartment, searching the 5 nearest lighthouse just to look for Joy. He eventually asked Joy to marry him, again. Joy said “YES!”.
In a way, it’s similar to my relationship with Oreo. We met, dated, have sex, said “I love you” to one another within two weeks. Then we parted ways since he needs to work in Saudi. It was followed by months of getting to know each other more, loving each other more. There are certain traits and attitudes that he hates about me, but accepts me anyways.
As we approach our 18th monthsary (of being away from each other), we have known each other more through constant communications via Facebook, YM, texts, chats, emails. And we love and accepts each other as individual. We hope to get married, again, this year, when he comes home. I love you Oreo!

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