March 7, 2011

Happy Yipee Yehey!

This is the first show I’ve ever watched live. March 2, 2011. I’ll mark the date. First time to experience the ABS-CBN Studio tour (at P150/each). We got to see the set of ASAP, SNN, The Price is Right, the Dolphy Theater (a.k.a. Studio 1) and a guaranteed seat at Happy Yipee Yehey.

I got to see Toni Gonzaga, Mariel Rodriguez, John Estrada, Mateo, John Pratts, Luis Manzano (guest), Randy Santiago, Bentong, and others in person. Plus the fact that my Aunt felt thankful for accompanying her to the show, it was a nice experience being a studio audience.

I guess the thing that separated today’s episode from all other episodes of HYY is the presence of a Mayor from Hawaii as part of the studio audience.


I can’t resist my Aunt, who’s a big fan of ABS-CBN, when she asked me to watch the show with her. She’s on vacation. She lives in California.

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