March 18, 2011

18th Monthsary and a Movie

Today is our 18th Monthsary and I’m thinking of a message to my lover Oreo who’s busy working in Saudi Arabia right now. I’m here at Pasig, and I work as a call center agent in Taguig.


I watched “Love And Other Drugs” starring Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s the story of a very promising salesman who has an active sex life. He went from being a salesman for an appliance store to a being a salesman for Pfizer. He’s seductive, smart, and on his way to being very successful at his craft when she met a girl that has Parkinson’s disease.


They went from a one-night stand, to friends with benefits and eventually a relationship. They both never dreamed of having a relationship (they both avoided it) but eventually love kicked in. The guy, Jamie, at one point had to choose between a very successful career in Chicago, and living with his girlfriend. Eventually, Jamie accepted that even though you dream big, and plans everything, eventually you’ll meet someone that’s going to change all of it. And Jamie chose love.

The movie gives us a very clear view of what a relationship is. It’s not just the joys of sex, of having loads of good sex, but more importantly, it’s about caring for the other person. It’s accepting the other person regardless of health and financial status. It’s about caring and love. That’s what relationship is all about.

That’s the kind of relationship that I’m willing to give to Oreo. To love and to care. Oreo, on our 18th monthsary, I’m dedicating myself on loving and caring for you.

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