March 6, 2011

1 Year with Globe Broadband

globelines-1210040276896 globe broadband
I just turned 1 year with Globe Broadband (a.k.a. Globelines). Within that 1 year, I have conducted around 19 speed tests from to compare it with my current Globelines package of up to 2.00 Mbps. So far, based on the test, I’m getting the speed I’m paying for, most of the time. My monthly bill is at P1,217.53/month. It includes Internet service, phone service and McAfee Antivirus Software (around P50/month).
In the span of 1 year, I have noted 8 Job Order Numbers (for no dial tone issues, where a technician was dispatch to our premise), 4 NET Numbers (for network-related outages, which takes 2-3 days to resolve) and 5 Reference Numbers (for no internet connection issues that is not related to no dial tone or network outages). I lost count on the number of times I’ve called Technical Support saying “I don’t have Internet connection”.
Overall, when it works, it’s great! When it doesn’t, it takes days to resolve. I have two instances wherein it took 1 whole week to resolve the issue.
Why am I still with Globelines? I don’t have a choice. No other competitors available in our area. No PLDT, no Bayantel, no Sky Broadband. So I’m stocked with Globelines. It’s a choice whether to have Internet (but sometimes failing) or no Internet at all. I chose the first of two evils.
I was asked by Globe’s Customer Service regarding the overall rating of the service. I still say “YES, overall, I’m satisfied”. What’s your ISP story?

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