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August 6, 2014

Talk Back And You’re Dead

Now this is something that I would watch. After the success of “Diary of Panget”, Nadine Lustre and James Reid is back with a new movie – “Talk Back And You’re Dead”. This time, Joseph Marco is included in the cast.

With the sheer number of James Reid and Nadine Lustre fans, I’m sure that this movie would be a hit. It will be shown on August 20, 2014. Let’s watch the trailer.

Talk Back And You're Dead

I find James Reid very gorgeous

August 2, 2014

The JobsDB Recruitment Party

So I attended a one of a kind Job Fair / Recruitment Party last night at the Elbow Room, Metrowalk, Ortigas Center. It’s called Hired and it’s powered by JobsDB. It’s a one of a kind, Recruitment Party and the first of its kind. Instead of a usual Job Fair in a mall that starts at Mall Hours until 5PM, this Recruitment Party by JobsDB started around 4PM in one of the most famous gimmick place in the Metro. It was followed by a party around 8 PM with drinks! Now that’s something unique.


The companies that were present during this unique Recruitment Party were Alorica, West, Hinduja, HGS, Sutherland, Taotec, Stellar, VXI, Teleperformance, WeSelect, Genpac and Unison among others. The host of the party was Rico Robles and it was sponsored by Tanduay Ice, Zalora Philippines, Gatsby, Star City, Philippine Bloggers Network and When In Manila, Adobo Magazine among others.

I accompanied my friend in this event but I also manage to apply at 2 companies. It was more of initial interviews and then they’ll make a follow-up on Monday for more tests and interviews. The timeframe was only about 4 hours and I agree that they can’t do a full interview-tests-job offer during this event. I hope my friend and the jobseekers present last night would definitely receive a follow-up call to continue their job application. I applaud JobsDB for coming up with such a concept and hopefully; other recruitment firms and job fairs would be as fun and exciting as this one.


The Elbow Room is located on the 2nd floor of the Metrowalk in Ortigas Center. It’s our first time to the venue and it’s perfect for the Hire Recruitment Party.


Snacks were provided to jobseekers while waiting for their turn to be interviewed. JobsDB’s party is definitely worth attending.


Prizes were given away to those jobseekers who participated in the party.


Laptops were provided so that jobseekers can visit the JobsDB website to look for jobs while waiting for their turn to be interviewed.


The Elbow Room in Metrowalk is equipped with billiard tables. Jobseekers take advantage of this amenity while waiting for their turn to be interviewed.


The Hire Recruitment Party is also a great time to chat with friends about career growth.

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July 29, 2014

The 2015 Philippine Holidays

The moment that the 2015 Philippine National Holidays was released by Malacanan (through the Official Gazette), several lay-outs pop-up on Facebook.

Here are the 3 that I saw. I like the lay-out made by Inquirer – it’s simple and easy to read:

Philippine Holidays 2015 bPhilippine Holidays 2015 cPhilippine Holidays 2015

July 25, 2014

Finally, The Face of Christian Grey

I read only 2 of the 3 Fifty Shades of Grey books in 2012 when I was still working at Transcom. I actually got bored with all the sex scenes in the books!

A few days ago, the trailer for the 50 Shades of Grey movie was released and now is the only I watched it. I imagine Christian Grey to be more gorgeous and handsome that the actor (Jamie Dornan) who portrayed him. Seeing the trailer, I got this urge to read the 3rd and final book in the series.

I wonder if the movie will just be the 1st book of the Trilogy. I guess it will depend on how the viewing audience will respond to the 50 Shades of Grey movie.

Here’s the trailer BTW.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

I would love to watch the movie adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey
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