June 19, 2011

Happy 150th Birthday Pepe!


Everyone’s greeting our National Hero in his full name, that’s why I’m greeting him in his nickname.

Jose Rizal has been one of my idols since college years. “The Life and Works of Rizal” is one of my favorite subjects in college. I remember doing a report in this subject about Rizal’s romantic relationship with the Boustead sisters.

I also admire his friendship with Ferdinand Blumentritt. That’s the reason why I searched for foreign correspondence, due to Rizal’s influence. Blumentritt was from Litoměřice, Czech Republic and my current foreign correspondent, Honza, is also from Czech Republic. Sometimes, I would tell Honza that we’re the modern version of Rizal-Blumentritt correspondence.

Rizal was also my idol when it comes to writing and blogging. My ultimate goal when it comes to writing, like Rizal, is also to write a novel.


Sometimes, I can’t stop but think that Jose Rizal, like me, is also gay. I’m intrigued why he didn’t have any love child, like most of today’s prominent guy celebrities. I’m also intrigued why his best friend is a foreigner and not a fellow Filipino. Is it because he could tell his inner most feelings to someone who’s more open-minded?

Also, it seems that Rizal was the most prominent writer during his time, which seems to be unlikely if he’s as straight as Marcelo H. del Pilar, Mariano Ponce, or Andres Bonifacio. His contemporaries also wrote pieces of literature but not as flamboyant as Rizal.

Don’t take it negatively dear readers. These are just personal opinions of mine. You might want to read J. Neil C. Garcia’s essay here to know why we think he’s gay.

Whatever his sexual orientation was, only Jose Rizal knows.

One thing is certain: we owe so much to Rizal. Independence among others. Truly, si Rizal ay Haligi ng Bayan.(Rizal is a foundation of our Nation)

Happy 150th Birthday Pepe!









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