October 19, 2020

Carl Guevara, The Model / Actor

I was wondering why Carl Guevara (Carlo Guevara) -- the winner of the Be Bench / The Model Search -- is trending on my blog.

Carl Guevara from Push

Carl Guevara from www.push.com.ph

It turns out, I misspelled his last name. It should be with a single R only -- Guevara. The article I made in 2011 misspelled his last name, my apologies.

It turns out there's a new Carl Guevarra (with 2 Rs) in town -- the lead singer of The Juans.

Here's an article from PEP.ph to distinguish the two: https://www.pep.ph/pepalerts/cabinet-files/146945/meet-carl-guevarra-lead-vocalist-ng-the-juans-a734-20191019

Apparently, Carl Guevara (the model) moved to GMA sometime in 2010 and he's been there ever since. Prior to that, he was a Star Circle Questor.

His latest project is with the show "Love of My Life" which is being stream on YouTube.

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