October 15, 2020

Why Oh Why The Series (Pinoy Boy’s Love)

YouTube is literally flooding with Pinoy Boy’s Love (BL) series. Ever since #2getherTheSeries (Sarawat-Time Love Story) became a hit among Pinoys, there were a lot of Pinoy BL series that followed.

“Why Oh Why The Series” in an upcoming Pinoy BL series. It’s set to premiere on YouTube on November 14, 2020, Saturday at 8:00 p.m. It will star Carl Adaron and Johnrey Rivas. The series is written and directed by Vince Tanada.

Why Love Whe The Series

Philstagers Films proudly presents a Boy's Love Genre Series entitled Why Love, Why? Written and Directed by multi-awarded theatre director and Palanca Awardee for Literature, Atty. Vince Tanada. The series stars Philstagers homegrown talents Johnrey Rivas and Carl Adaron with the able-support of OJ Arsi, Patrick Libao, Yesh Burce, JP Lopez, Vean Olmedo, Marina Perez and with the special participation of Ms. Beverly Salviejo, Ms. Alma Concepcion and Mr. Vance Larena. Source

Why Love Why The Series. Coming November 14, 2020


“Why Love Why The Series” Official Trailer

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