July 11, 2013

Harassment from Cases Corpus Law Office and HSBC

Today, I received a text message:

For Mr. Elmer xxx

This is from Cases Corpus Law office. Please be informed that your account with HSBC was endorsed to us recommended for Litigation. Please call 8171656 look for Atty Paulino Cases jr for out of court settlement. If non compliance you will subjected for legal visitation in your Home & Company add for possible small claim suit.

A few months ago, I was terminated by Sufferland Global Services for abandonment of work. I filed a case for illegal dismissal at the NLRC and 6 months after, I received the verdict of Elias Salinas dismissing my case. In other words, I lose my case. I was no longer interested in appealing my case because it’s tiresome. So I went to Sufferland a few weeks after, got my backpay and signed the Quit Claim form.


Image taken from www.ctb.com.ph

Due to this incident with Sufferland, I had financial problems and my HSBC Credit Card got cancelled because I failed to pay it in time. I was looking for job and struggling with money (up to now). So I ended up with a P30,000+ debt with HSBC.

This is not my first time that I received such a demand letter from a law office. I have a subscription before with Smart and I wasn’t happy with the service. My Smart account was terminated and I ended up with a P4,000+ debt with them. I receive harassment letters from a similar law office but I simply ignored those letters. It eventually stopped.

I got curious on this current law office that HSBC hired to harass me. I Google their name and found nothing – no Facebook profile, no website, no office address. I only found similar stories about harassment from this law office from other credit card holders like me. They too received such harassment calls from Cases Corpus Law Office. Some are customers of Citibank.

Having gone through 6 months of labor case with the NLRC, I pretty much know how long the legal process is involving our courts. In fact, I would love to undergo the same experience with HSBC and Cases Corpus Law Office so that I could write something on this blog.

If you have similar cases of harassment from law offices regarding your credit card debt, feel free to share it on this blog. Based on your own experiences with such harassments, did you actually ended up in court or you accepted an amicable settlement?

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