October 19, 2020

Han Linn Naing Hugo (Hugo Naing)

There’s an upcoming Pinoy Boys’ Love (BL) series from Oxin Films – the same company that produced “My Day The Series”. (I’m still shocked at the length of kissing scene between Miko Gallardo and Aki Torres).

Han Linn Naing Hugo 3


This one is entitled “Rainbow Prince The Series”. It stars a 20-year-old Burmese guy named Han Linn Naing Hugo (Hugo Naing). I saw one of his videos on YouTube and he looks gorgeous. He’s also a candidate of Mister Myanmar Beauty Paradise 2018.

Here’s a short description of “Rainbow Prince The Series” from Oxin Film’s Facebook account:

This is a story of a young prince who is faced with a very complicated life. He struggles with his identity, fears for his life, escapes his country and goes hiatus in the Philippines, and finds an unexpected true love in a very unexpected circumstance.

In his pursuit of exploring his own life, now he is torn between giving love another chance or choosing the life he is destined to become. Source

Han Linn Naing Hugo 2


Han Linn Naing Hugo 4


Han Linn Naing Hugo 5


Han Linn Naing Hugo 6


Han Linn Naing Hugo


Hugo Naing
Hugo Naing to star in Pinoy BL Series “Rainbow Prince The Series”

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