October 19, 2020

Marco Gumabao’s Latest Project

Like Carl Guevara, Marco Gumabao is also trending on my blog. I searched Twitter for any recent mention of him to know why he’s trending, and I found some nice pictures of him (latest).

Xian Lim Marco Gumabao

Xian Lim, Kylie Versoza and Marco Gumabao in an upcoming project. Screengrab from Xian Lim’s IG.

From the Instagram post of Xian Lim, it seems that Marco Gumabao will be working with him and Kylie Versoza in an upcoming project.

I also learned that he’s playing Dota2 and he recently posted a short clip where he showed his computer with Axe on the display. I’m hoping he’ll stream his games.

Another reason why he’s trending on Twitter is because of his upcoming vlog. Now that’s something I’m looking forward to watch. I love seeing his jawline. It’s very masculine.

The last time I watch Marco Gumabao was in the movie “Hindi Tayo Pwede” with Lovie Poe and Tony Labrusca. I watched in on Netflix. That’s his latest movie so I’ll probably watch his previous movies in 2019 – including “Apple of My Eye”, “Ulan” and “Just a Stranger”.

Marco Gumabao 2

Here are some of Marco Gumabao’s latest eye candy pictures on Twitter

Marco Gumabao 3


Marco Gumabao 4

I love Marco Gumabao’s jawline… very much

Marco Gumabao

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