March 23, 2016

The Guys of Hey Joe Show

Today I finished watching all of the videos of Hey Joe Show – those American guys who can speak fluent Bisaya/Cebuano.

I stumbled upon their YouTube videos a few months ago when I was watching some ALDUB videos. Their video “Americans Kilig for ALDUB” really caught my attention. They did a video about being ALDUB fans. From then, I watched their videos once in a while.

I love all their videos! It gives good vibes even though I can’t understand Cebuano. I specially love their videos on Pinoy culture and TV shows (like the recent OTWOL video). They also recently made a video about American Ice Candy, the Presidential Debates, Carrot Man, Maine Mendoza’s Driving video and popular music videos.

I also finished all the videos of Connor which were posted on Prepare to Serve channel wherein he shared his experience his 2 years mission in the Philippines. Yes, the members of Hey Joe are Mormon missionaries from Utah and served 2 years in Cebu and Negros area. Connor’s interview is heartwarming and inspirational. I also loved his American accent (I was used to his Bisaya accent from watching all those videos).

By the way, the guys of Hey Joe Show are:

Sumner Mahaffey – was also a contestant of “I Love OPM” (ABS-CBN). He appeared on Episode 3 (February 20, 2016) and Episode 8 (March 6, 2016). He usually plays the ukulele on their videos.

Tylan Glines -- was raised in St George, Utah in a family of 7. He’s very active on Instagram and I love his photography.

Connor Peck – the shortest of the guys but looks like Josh Hutcherson.

Davis Blount – married to Taylor Blount.

Jake Mingus – also married. He normally do the rap part of their videos. He also likes bread on their videos.

Truly, the guys of Hey Joe Show bring a lot of humor, good vibes and fun. I certainly hope to see them again in the Philippines this year!

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