March 16, 2016

Worst Customer Service from Globelines

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This is definitely one of the worst customer service experiences from my ISP, Globelines. Three days ago, I suddenly lost dial tone (and Internet connection). I called Globelines and I was informed that they’re undergoing “system upgrade” so they can’t pull up my account and can’t create a dispatch ticket. This was Saturday morning, my rest day, the only time of the week where I can enjoy my Internet connection fully.

Poor Customer Service

The next day, I called them and the “system update” is still on-going. So I have two rest days of no Internet connection.

Monday morning, it’s the same scenario but my 11:00 AM, (finally) their system/tools is up. I was disappointed though because the supposed-to-be dispatch ticket that the previous agent should have created once the system is up (like she promised) was never created.

The next agent created a dispatch ticket but the only available schedule is for Tuesday, March 15, 2016. I asked for supervisors and I’ve spoken to two supervisors. Prior to that, I got hang-up by agents, transferred to other departments (saying that it’s the supervisor line), and was lied upon.

The supervisors said they’ve already emailed the support team (dispatch) to expedite the dispatch for Monday, March 14, 2016. I made several calls to make sure that this will happen. I also asked for the ticket # to be sent via SMS, but none of these ever happened.

Take a look at the timeline of events:

March 12, 2016 – 2:10 PM (Saturday)

I woke up this afternoon with no dial tone. Everything is working before I went to sleep this morning. I called tech support and spoke to Janine. She said she’ll schedule a dispatch once the system is up.

March 14, 2016 – 7:23 AM (Monday)

I called Globelines again and their tools are still under-going a “system upgrade”. Three days of no dial tone.

11:00 AM – Talked to a supervisor named Ajie. She gave me the J.O. 22947428. She advised me that she’s going to email the dispatch team to expedite my dispatch today instead of tomorrow

1:00 PM – I called again but the 2 agents (Christine is one of them) that I spoke to is not seeing the supervisor notes. I asked for another supervisor but I was cold transferred to the Business Supervisor Line. I tried again but same thing. I’ve been erroneously transferred to their same queue twice.

2:00 PM – I called and spoken to supervisor Ivy with employee ID 4338560. She also can’t see the email that the previous supervisor Ajie should have sent to the dispatch team. She refused to give a manager saying that she’s the only one (highest) on the floor right now.

She gave a ref # OFU160300005109 saying she already emailed the dispatch team

I have never been angry at Globelines until today. I am shouting at the supervisor already.

I haven’t received any automated SMS message regarding the dispatch.

4:00 PM – I called again and talked to AJ. I specifically asked for a sup callback but no one called me back. OFU160300005187. I also asked to resend the SMS copy of all my calls today but I received nothing.

5:00 PM – I called and spoke to Faye and after giving my landline number I asked for a Supervisor. She transferred me to the Business Department.

5:15 PM – I called again and spoke to Divine. I filed a complaint about today’s worst experience. The ref for the follow-up is # OFU16030005234. The called got disconnected before I even get the ref # for the complaint.

5:40 PM – I called back to get the ref # of the complaint but Divine was able to call me back on my other number. Complaint ref # is AGP16030000453.

March 15, 2016 – 7:30 AM (Tuesday)

I called this morning and a lady answered my call. She said that she can transfer me to the Support Team (Dispatch) but it was a lie because my call ended up with another agent. I was transferred back to their own queue.

The next representative Lowels created a follow-up report saying that up to now, the tech haven’t called me yet and that I haven’t received the SMS message (reminder and ticket #) from the automated system. Lowels said the agent who created the dispatch ticket, Marie, didn’t select the option to send the SMS message. I complained about this and I was given another reference number OFU16030005435.

I didn’t receive any call from Globe since yesterday afternoon.

It’s 8:00 AM and I haven’t received any text message nor call from the technician. This is how Globelines treat their customers.

These same scenarios have already happened in the past. I will send them a complaint letter via email and I will get nothing in return. No apologies, no report on the actions they did with their representatives.

Unfortunately, I have to endure this kind of customer service since there is no other Internet Service Provider present in this part of Pasig City. There is no PLDT or Bayantel. Globelines has monopoly in this part of Metro Manila, similar to other parts of the country.

I currently have a complaint with Globelines regarding their capping policy (another story) that is still on-going with the National Telecommunications Commission. It’s on-going for more than 6 months now and there is still no resolution. In fact, it’s still at their Legal Team with no case number. That’s how “swift” the NTC is when it comes to handling customer’s complains. I even tried to tag Senator Bam Aquino regarding this NTC issue of capping but I have never heard any answer.

Truly, the Filipino consumers are at the mercy of these telephone companies. I can only pray that someday, there will truly be a competition between several TELCOS here in the Philippines. I pray that these TELCOS should really focus and invest some of their marketing budget in improving their service (reliability) and customer service. I can only pray.

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