June 12, 2011

It’s Dallas vs. Miami!

Yeah, as if I’m a fan of NBA, or basketball in general.


I never played the sport either. It’s because I’m nearsighted. I noticed my nearsightedness during elementary. I’m having difficulty seeing things on the blackboard from the last row in the room.

Since basketball is a contact sports that needs 20/20 vision, I refrain from joining my classmates whenever they play. So I was an outcast. I’m the only one who’s not into the game.

Back then, I avoided anything related to basketball. I only knew the local basketball teams since most of my classmates are talking about it most of the time. I can’t forget the Añejo Rhum 65. I guess, it was their favorite team at that time.

High school, college and work came, and I never had interest with the game. My source of basketball information are from co-workers, American Culture training, and the Internet, not because I search for it, but because I can’t avoid knowing it. I also avoid reading the last part of most newspapers.

So most of my classmates (from training) are divided into Team Miami and Team Dallas (as well as popular celebrities). They already have their bets. If ever they ask me which team I think would win, I’ll probably say Dallas (since it’s Billy Crawford’s bet).

How about you fellow gays out there, are you into basketball?

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