February 10, 2011

My Ragnarok Characters

I'm been an active player of Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) for the past 3 years, since the Valhalla server started. I currently have three 3rd Jobs -- a Royal Guard, a Genetic and an Arch Bishop.

My highest level character right now is Cadbury, the Arch Bishop. He's been leveling at the Endless Tower once in a while and he's a Full Support INT-VIT type of Arch Bishop. His Meditio skill is at level 10 as well as other support skills.

I've been a Ragnarok addict for more than 7 years now (ever since it started in the Philippines in 2003). It's been my favorite online game ever since. I've met a lot of good friends through this game.

I intend to introduce this game to Oreo. Hopefully, he'll like it. I wonder what job class would he make?

Are you a Ragnarok player too?

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