February 21, 2011

Hideo Muraoka

Amongst the numerous Brazilian models that are seen in our billboards and TV shows, it’s Hideo Muraoka that I really fancy. For me, he’s the most gorgeous model in the Philippines right now.
He’s been modeling for Folded & Hung for quite some time now. A few minutes ago, I saw his picture for the 2011 Summer Collection of FNH in their Official Facebook page. He’s gorgeous as ever. Although I don’t have any FNH items in my closet, I might consider buying one just to feel the underwear that’s he’s wearing (at least during photo shoots).

I first saw him in this huge billboard ad along EDSA (near Guadalupe). Anyone notice him in this ad?
hideo edsa
You could also go to Most Beautiful Man site for his other pictures.

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