February 24, 2011

15 Things I Like About Oreo

1. He’s always updated with news events around the world.
2. He likes Regine Velasquez.
3. He’s proud of being Filipino and our achievements in fields like boxing.
4. He’s a fan of basketball and likes watching the UAAP.
5. He adores the ASAP Sessionistas and Party Pilipinas.
6. He loves chocolates like Cadbury and Snickers.
7. He likes Taylor Swift.
8. He likes Nina and her “Rendition of the Soul”.
9. He’s into Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Friendster and YouTube.
10. He likes gadgets like Sony VAIO, Microsoft mouse and Norton 360 software.
11. He eats T-bone and tempura.
12. He anticipates upcoming Hollywood movies like “Spiderman” and “X-Men First Class”.
13. He’s a fan of Marvel Comics.
14. He watches here! productions like “Dante’s Cove” and “The Lair”.
15. He plays the PlayStation Portable.
More things I like about him on my next posts.

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