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February 5, 2011

Wordpress or Blogger?

If you're a blogger, which one would you prefer? Why?

I'm currently studying Wordpress just to compare it with Blogger. When I first create a post for Wordpress, it immediately enables spell-checker as soon as I type my post. Unlike here in Blogger wherein you still need to press the ABC icon on the upper-right side of the compose-a-post window. But I am typing this post using Picasa: BlogThis! I don't know if it would make any difference if I compose my post directly into the Blogger Dashboard. [Edit: I tried to compose the message using the Dashboard and IT DOES check the spelling right-away.]

Anyways, in the next few days, I'll go over the "Building a Wordpress Blog" PDF that I have so that I would have a better idea on which flatform should I keep. Right now, Picasa's integration with Blogger is definitely a plus!

Are you a blogger? Which site host your blog?
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  1. I have blog in blogger and wordpress. For me I like blogger because it is very easy to use while wordpress is confusing me a lot. If you don't host your blog with webhosting you can't place ads like adsense in wordpress. But if host it using wordpress you have 100% ownership of your blog and they could not close your blog like here in blogspot. I have one blog here in blogger than was closed because of spamming which I did not do. If you are in blogger better back-up your articles like subscribing to your own website or dowload it in your hard disk. Have a nice day!!

  2. Hi Edward! Thanks for the suggestions. I never thought about backing-up my articles until you mentioned. Any links you could provide me on how to backup my articles to my hard disk?


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