January 30, 2011

Pasig City


Oreo is from Bicol while I'm from Pasig City. I would love to post some pictures of my hometown in this blog and here are some pictures of famous landmarks around Pasig City. I have included here Ado's Panciteria - Pasig's Pride and Joy when it comes to Pinoy food. Also included in this gallery are Pasig Catholic College, the Pasig City Museum, and Rizal's monument at the Plaza. I'll probably add more pictures of Pasig City soon.

Hopefully, once Oreo is back from his 2-year job contract in Saudi Arabia, we'll be able to go to his hometown in Bicol, take some pictures of the local scenery and post it here in this blog as well. In this way, we'll get to know each other's hometown a little better.
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