January 29, 2011

"Latter Days"

I have blogged earlier about the movie "Shelter". It's among the numerous gay-themed movies I've watched so far. The movie that stands out among all those gay-themed movies that you'll ever watch out there (for me) would be "Latter Days". First, it's the first independent gay-themed movie (a.k.a. indie film) that I've ever watched. Second, it was recommended by Oreo, my lover, and I understand why he liked it as well. And third, "Latter Days" set things in motion -- so to speak. I mean, my fascination with gay-themed movies (mostly indie films) started with "Latter Days". Not to mention, that Oreo's motto in life ("I don't throw anything unless it's dead") comes from this movie.
"Latter Days" by the way, is the story of Christian (Oreo's other nickname) and Aaron, a Mormon missionary. It's a "coming out" movie. Aaron is a closet gay and Christian made him come out of the closet to enjoy true love and friendship. It's another fairy-tale movie for the hopeless gay-romantics out there, but similar to "Shelter", it can happen.
I would always be thankful to Oreo, the love of my life, for introducing me to the fascinating world of gay-themed movies.

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