January 29, 2011


Shelter is a 2007 gay film from the American company here! It's known as "the gay surfer's movie". It's about two gays from California who falls in love with one another and finding "Shelter" in each other's company. It's the most ideal potrayal of two gay men, in-love.

Critics even say, that this is unlike any other gay-themed movie that you'll ever watch since there is no drag queen potrayal here, no drugs, orgys, gay clubs, and other things typical of gay movies. The movie is so "clean" so to speak.

Probably a lot of gay couples out there would definitely want a clean, smooth relationship as potrayed by Zach and Shaun in the movie. I would definitely want my relationship with Oreo, to end like that of "Shelter".

This movie would probably be a fairy-tale for the gay community. But I do believe that it's possible. I believe, Oreo and I, are both looking forward to a smooth-sailing relationship like that of "Shelter".

I love you Oreo. You're my "Shelter".
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