February 10, 2011

Speed Test

Two of the sites that I go to whenever I wanted to check the quality of my Internet connection at home are www.pingtest.net and www.speedtest.net.

I use the first one to check the quality of the line I have. I usually get an "A" on this. However, my ISP have been doing some network maintenance lately. That's probably the reason why I get an "F" today.

The second one is the important one. It would test the download speed of your connection. In our line of work as call center agent for US companies, we usually asked our customers to conduct the speed test from this website whenever their having issues with their Internet speed. We then compare it to the package that they have.

In my case, I have a 2MB speed package from Globelines and so far, I'm receiving the speed that I'm paying for. Most of the time.

I wonder what speed package Oreo got in Saudi Arabia. I guess it's a decent package since he's able to download Pinoy Indie films via torrents.

How about you, what's your current speed test result?
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