June 19, 2011

First Impressions


Two weeks have passed and we’re done with our American Culture and Language training. As a last activity, we formed a circle and was handed a piece of bond paper each. We wrote our name and was asked by our trainer to pass it to the next person to our right. We were then asked to write something about the person (first impressions included). After the activity, I was shocked to read my classmates impression of me:

  • Big brother, wise and kind friend
  • He’s like a trusted big brother
  • Always happy
  • Smart
  • Good kuya (Older brother)
  • He is really nice
  • Prim and proper
  • Sensible person
  • Intelligent. We can learn something from him
  • The architect (he probably saw some of my drawings)
  • The brain
  • Approachable
  • Persistent guy, looks witty
  • One experienced guy as well
  • Has his own little world (this one is an honest impression)
  • He’s a smiley
  • Nice
  • Jolly person
  • Smart – bookworm rock!
  • Nice guy!
  • Nice guy to talk to
  • Elmer Fudd! Nice and jolly
  • Cobra dude (I don’t understand why)
  • Witty
  • Well talented guy! Quiet man

Next week will be the Product Training. Since I’m comfortable to most of them already, they’ll probably see a different Elmer: loud and talkative!

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