October 29, 2020

Who’s That Latest Bingo Guy?

Have you guys seen the latest Bingo commercial? Anyone know the name of the #GorgeousPinoy guy playing the role of Jiro?

Calling Jiro
Who’s the actor playing Jiro?

Ron Martin Angeles of “Ben X Jim”

Ron Martin Angeles is cast as Olan -- the charming / romantic delivery driver in the Pinoy Boys' Love (BL) series "Ben X Jim" starring Jerome Ponce and Teejay Marquez.

Ron Angeles 2

Will the character of Ben end up with his best friend Jim or the delivery driver Olan? That’s the question

In Episode 3, Olan really shined. His lines are cheesy, and his smile is gorgeous. I'm guessing that there will be a competition between Olan and Jim (Jerome Ponce) in the coming episodes.

For now, let's focus on the guy behind the character of Olan. I checked his Instagram and he's really cute. He seems to be working at Bro's Kitchen.

He's also currently promoting a Facebook event called Ginoong Quarantino 2020 (The King of ECQ Online Search). Ronald "Ron" Angeles is 21 years old by the way and hails from San Juan City.

Ron Martin Angeles also appeared in Bidaman of Showtime. He's also the grand winner of Mr. Sta. Lucia Generation East Model Search 2018. His MyDramaList profile list him as part of upcoming Pinoy BL Series "Oh, Mando!" starring Kokoy de Santos and Alex Diaz.

Good luck to his endeavors and hopefully he'll get more projects. I'm beginning to love his character on "Ben X Jim".

Ron Angeles 3

I think I’ll install BIGO Live just so I can follow Ron Martin Angeles

Ron Angeles 4

Teejay Marquez (Ben) and Ron Martin Angeles (Olan) of “Ben X Jim

Ron Angeles 6


Ron Angeles

Cute Guy Yasser Marta

I was watching 24 Oras earlier when I saw this cute guy on a Zoom meeting with the cast of “Bilangin Ang Bituin Sa Langit” (TV Series). I found out his name is Yasser Marta and he plays the role of Anselmo "Jun" Santos Jr.

Yasser Marta


I searched for his Instagram and Facebook page and he’s indeed photogenic. His FB page simply describes himself as an actor. His Instagram only gives the quote “Live life spontaneously” and a contact number (to his manager I guess).

I also learned he’s the grand winner of the Eat Bulaga contest “Spogify”. He’s half Pinoy and half Portuguese. He’s also a member of GMA boyband group “One Up” along with Ralf King, Brent Valdez, Kevin Sagra, Jay Arcilla, Dave Bornea, Nikki Co, Prince Clemente, Joemarie Nielsen, and Arjan Jimenez. Source

Yasser Marta is 24 years old and studies at San Benildo, Antipolo City. He’s into singing, dancing, motor, car, and basketball. He idolizes Kobe Bryant, Leonardo di Caprio, and Dingdong Dantes. He was born and grew up in Saudi Arabia and is a Muslim. He started modelling in the small country of Monaco. Source

Here are some of the pictures of Yasser Marta from his Facebook account.

Yasser Marta 2


Yasser Marta 3


Yasser Marta 4


Yasser Marta 5


Yasser Marta 6


Yasser Marta 7


Yasser Marta 8


Yasser Marta 9


yasser Marta 10


Yasser Marta 11

October 28, 2020

Man of the Hour: Jeff Ortega

Joseph Francisco Ortega a.k.a. Jeff Ortega, made headlines and trended on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. He’s currently the Department of Tourism - Director for Region 1 and was previously the Department of Tourism - Director for Region 4A. He’s also an entrepreneur and the boyfriend of actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

Well, the guy is good-looking. However, no amount of good looks could hide the fact that he’s a DDS and supporter of Bong-Bong Marcos. In fact, he introduced the latter as the Vice President of the Philippines in a recent event.

I sure hope that he gets suspended for his sedition against the real Vice President of the Philippines. For now, let’s just appreciate how good looking Jeff Ortega is. But still despicable.

DOT Region 1 Director Jeff Ortega


Jeff Ortega 2


Jeff Ortega 3


Jeff Ortega 4


F LocalBachelors June2016.indd

October 27, 2020

Pope Francis and Civil Union

Recently, Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church made some statements regarding Civil Union in a documentary called “Francesco”. People all over the world welcome his statement, except for the very conservative Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

What exactly is Civil Union that Pope Francis mentioned? Here’s what Civil Union is according to Manila Bulletin:

Civil Union 2

Here’s the latest statement of Pope Francis as quoted by Philippine Daily Inquirer:

Civil Union Law

“Oh, Mando!” on iWantTFC

After the success of “Gameboys”, Kokoy de Santos is set to appear in another Pinoy BL Series entitled “Oh, Mando!” on iWantTFC along with Alex Diaz.

“Oh, Mando!” is an iWant Original Series and produced by Dreamscape Entertainment and Found Films. It’s set for release in November 2020.

Oh Mando

Here’s the trailer of this much-awaited BL series:

“Oh Mando!” from iWantTFC


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October 26, 2020

Gawin Caskey of “Dark Blue Kiss”

After “2getherTheSeries” iWantTFC is now airing the Filipino-dubbed “Dark Blue Kiss”. It’s a great series as well and stars my favorite New Thitipoom Techaapaikhun as Kao and Tay Tawan Vihokratana as Pete.

However, what I like about the series is the side story of Sun and Mork (Fluke Gawin Caskey). In fact, Gawin Caskey (for me) is the best thing about “Dark Blue Kiss”.

Fluke Gawin as Mork

Fluke Gawin Caskey as Mork in “Dark Blue Kiss”. Now airing on iWantTFC

Gawin Caskey is a great singer. He sang the theme song of “Dark Blue Kiss” and covers some songs. The last one I saw was Maroon 5’s “Memories”. Prior to “Dark Blue Kiss”, he appeared on “Kiss Me Again” (2018) and is set to star in the upcoming drama “Girl Next Room: Motorcycle Baby” as the lead role of Mile.

Dark Blue Kiss

For me, Gawin Caskey is the best thing about “Dark Blue Kiss”

Gawin Caskey singing the OST of “Dark Blue Kiss”


Gawin Caskey doing the cover of “Memories” by Maroon 5

October 25, 2020

“Gaya Sa Pelikula” Opening Theme Song

After watching the first 5 episodes of Pinoy Boys’ Love (BL) series entitled “Gaya Sa Pelikula” I could say that so far, this is the best Pinoy BL series out there.

The acting of the actors are natural, the dialogue are authentic plus the songs used in each episodes adds charm to the show/series. For the opening theme, I finally found it. It’s “Unti-Unti” by UDD (formerly Up Dharma Down).

The song appeared before in the Globe Studios’ Valentine’s Video 2017.

“Unti-Unti” by UDD (formerly Up Dharma Down) is the Opening Theme Song of “Gaya sa Pelikula”.

October 22, 2020

“Stars Align” – OST of Pinoy BL Series “Ben X Jim”

I just finished watching Episode 2 of Pinoy Boys’ Love Series “Ben X Jim” and I’m hooked up! The series stars Jerome Ponce and Teejay Marquez. I find Jerome Ponce charismatic in his role as the straight best friend of Jim, portrayed by Teejay Marquez.

I equally adore the Original Soundtrack (OST) of this series entitled “Stars Align” by SwaveSound. It’s produced by Regal Media Inc. Sharing with you this romantic and upbeat OST.

Stars Align by SwaveSound

Screengrab from YouTube

“Stars Align” by SwaveSound for Pinoy BL Series “Ben X Jim”

October 21, 2020

“Tahanan” by Nica del Rosario

Just sharing here the lyrics video of “Tahanan” by Nica del Rosario. It was used in Episode 4 of the Pinoy BL series “Gaya sa Pelikula” (Like in the Movies) and it gives me the chill. It’s so romantic and is my LSS now (Last Song Syndrome).

“Tahanan” by Nica del Rosario. Used in Episode 4 of Pinoy BL Series “Gaya sa Pelikula”


NPC Versus Online Lenders

For years now, the National Privacy Commission (NPC) have been receiving a lot of complaints from Online Lenders (mostly from lending apps from Google Play) regarding breaches in privacy particularly online shaming.

Even after it was featured in different news programs, online shaming became the norm from these online lenders. I’ve been closely following what the NPC will do in such cases of online shaming i.e. sending messages to a lender’s contacts’ list without permission.

If you follow the Facebook page of the National Privacy Commission, you will see a lot of Filipinos complaining about this practice by online lenders. Most of these online shaming resulted in a person’s anxiety and depression.

I also experience such online shaming. That’s why I am happy when the NPC released the following statement / resolution / Circular No. 20-01 regarding online lending. This will take effect 15 days from date of publication (October 19, 2020). Some of the key take away of this new regulation are:

  • Lenders are prohibited from harvesting personal information such as phone and social media contact list
  • Unnecessary permissions include accessing phone contact or e-mail list, harvesting social media contacts, copying or otherwise saving these these for use in debt collection, or to harass the borrower or his/her contacts.
  • In no way shall the borrower’s photo be used, the circular said, to harass or embarrass him or her in order to collect a delinquent loan
  • (Lenders) shall not use any personal data to engage in unfair collection practices as defined under SEC Memorandum Circular No. 18 series of 2019
NPC Online LendersNPC Online Lenders 2

October 19, 2020

Marco Gumabao’s Latest Project

Like Carl Guevara, Marco Gumabao is also trending on my blog. I searched Twitter for any recent mention of him to know why he’s trending, and I found some nice pictures of him (latest).

Xian Lim Marco Gumabao

Xian Lim, Kylie Versoza and Marco Gumabao in an upcoming project. Screengrab from Xian Lim’s IG.

From the Instagram post of Xian Lim, it seems that Marco Gumabao will be working with him and Kylie Versoza in an upcoming project.

I also learned that he’s playing Dota2 and he recently posted a short clip where he showed his computer with Axe on the display. I’m hoping he’ll stream his games.

Another reason why he’s trending on Twitter is because of his upcoming vlog. Now that’s something I’m looking forward to watch. I love seeing his jawline. It’s very masculine.

The last time I watch Marco Gumabao was in the movie “Hindi Tayo Pwede” with Lovie Poe and Tony Labrusca. I watched in on Netflix. That’s his latest movie so I’ll probably watch his previous movies in 2019 – including “Apple of My Eye”, “Ulan” and “Just a Stranger”.

Marco Gumabao 2

Here are some of Marco Gumabao’s latest eye candy pictures on Twitter

Marco Gumabao 3


Marco Gumabao 4

I love Marco Gumabao’s jawline… very much

Marco Gumabao

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Carl Guevara, The Model / Actor

I was wondering why Carl Guevara (Carlo Guevara) -- the winner of the Be Bench / The Model Search -- is trending on my blog.

Carl Guevara from Push

Carl Guevara from www.push.com.ph

It turns out, I misspelled his last name. It should be with a single R only -- Guevara. The article I made in 2011 misspelled his last name, my apologies.

It turns out there's a new Carl Guevarra (with 2 Rs) in town -- the lead singer of The Juans.

Here's an article from PEP.ph to distinguish the two: https://www.pep.ph/pepalerts/cabinet-files/146945/meet-carl-guevarra-lead-vocalist-ng-the-juans-a734-20191019

Apparently, Carl Guevara (the model) moved to GMA sometime in 2010 and he's been there ever since. Prior to that, he was a Star Circle Questor.

His latest project is with the show "Love of My Life" which is being stream on YouTube.

Han Linn Naing Hugo (Hugo Naing)

There’s an upcoming Pinoy Boys’ Love (BL) series from Oxin Films – the same company that produced “My Day The Series”. (I’m still shocked at the length of kissing scene between Miko Gallardo and Aki Torres).

Han Linn Naing Hugo 3


This one is entitled “Rainbow Prince The Series”. It stars a 20-year-old Burmese guy named Han Linn Naing Hugo (Hugo Naing). I saw one of his videos on YouTube and he looks gorgeous. He’s also a candidate of Mister Myanmar Beauty Paradise 2018.

Here’s a short description of “Rainbow Prince The Series” from Oxin Film’s Facebook account:

This is a story of a young prince who is faced with a very complicated life. He struggles with his identity, fears for his life, escapes his country and goes hiatus in the Philippines, and finds an unexpected true love in a very unexpected circumstance.

In his pursuit of exploring his own life, now he is torn between giving love another chance or choosing the life he is destined to become. Source

Han Linn Naing Hugo 2


Han Linn Naing Hugo 4


Han Linn Naing Hugo 5


Han Linn Naing Hugo 6


Han Linn Naing Hugo


Hugo Naing
Hugo Naing to star in Pinoy BL Series “Rainbow Prince The Series”

October 18, 2020

TharnType Season 2 Trailer

After I discovered “2getherTheSeries” early this year, I begun watching other Thai Boys’ Love story. One of these is TharnType. I simply adore how Kanawut Traipipattanapong a.k.a. Gulf Kanawut looks like. He’s one of the most gorgeous Thai actors I’ve seen in a series.

After the events of “TharnType”, the couple returns in Season 2 – 7 years of love. Here’s the trailer to this much anticipated sequel.

TharnType2 b

Tharn Type The Series 2: 7 years of love


Tharn and Type is going to be married! #LoveWins

Official Teaser 2: Tharn Type Season 2
Tharn Type Season 2–7 years of love

October 17, 2020

Elijah Canlas and Kokoy de Santos for Bench

The guys from the hit Pinoy Boys’ Love (BL) series “Gameboys” is one of the newest brand ambassadors for fashion giant Bench.Elijah Canlas and Kokoy de Santos looks amazing in this picture promoting the brand.

“Gameboys” is considered the first Filipino BL series and you could visit their YouTube page to watch the web series.

Congratulations on the success of “Gameboys” and we’re hoping for a Season 2.

Gameboys x Bench

Gameboys x Bench 2

Gameboys x Bench 3