December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014 Everyone!

It’s 1 hour before the New Year 2014 and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Thank you for visiting this blog for the past few years. Hopefully, next year, you’ll see this blog updated more often. By the way, here are the Holidays in 2014 so that we could plan our leaves ahead of time.

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Holidays 2014

December 20, 2013

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen (The Flash)

I’m a fan of the TV series “Arrow” and I saw a gorgeous guy by the name of Grant Gustin. He is cast as Barry Allen (The Flash) and is scheduled to appear in a spin-off series for The Flash.

Thomas Grant Gustin (born in 1990) is best known as Sebastian Smythe of Glee. Now, I can’t wait to see him wear the yellow-red costume of The Flash. I love guys that are not so muscular and has angelic faces.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash.

Grant Gustin as Sebastian in Glee

Grant Gustin as Sebastian Smythe from Glee.

The Flash

I hope The Flash spin-off would be as successful as Arrow.

December 6, 2013

911 Is Back!

911 is a British boyband that’s popular in the 90s. Their single Love Sensation was a hit. 911 is in fact my favorite boyband. I even thanked them in my college thesis book for providing us with the background music while we’re doing our book.

911 is composed of the trio, Lee Brennan, Spike Dawbarn and Jimmy Constable. They released 4 albums in the 90s – The Journey, Moving On, There It Is and The Greatest Hits and a Little Bit More. I have all these 4 albums in cassette tapes!

Last September 8, 2013 they released their comeback album called Illuminate. It’s composed of 7 revival songs from their earlier albums and 7 new songs, including 2 Hearts 1 Love and Illuminate.

Right now, they’re busy with their appearances via the TV Show The Big Reunion and they’ll have a tour next year.

Just a trivia about myself – I don’t usually attend concerts and so far, I’ve attended only 2 concerts – one of which is the 911 concert held at The Folk Arts Center in Manila. Yes, they did a concert in the country!

911 poster

2 Hearts 1 Love is from their new album Illuminate.


911 made a comeback via The Big Reunion.


Love Sensation is one of the first MTV of 911 that I saw.

November 27, 2013

Sam Claflin: “Catching Fire” Eye Candy

In case you haven’t watched the most anticipated movie of the year, “Catching Fire”, there’s a cute guy aside from Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. His name is Sam Claflin – and he portrays the role of Finnick Odair. He is one of the Victors that will compete in the 75th Hunger Games, which also happens to be the 3rd Quarter Quell.

“Catching Fire” is a commercial success according to Box Office Mojo and it started strong during it’s opening week. I’m sure a lot more movie goers will see the movie this weekend.

I watched the movie last week and it’s awesome. I can’t wait for the movie adaptation of the 3rd novel, “Mockingjay”.


October 3, 2013

Josh Hutcherson for Hunger Games “Catching Fire”

I loved the first novel of The Hunger Games Series. This time, Josh Hutcherson returns in the 2nd movie – “Catching Fire”.

I’m pretty sure that this would be a blockbuster.

catching fire


Pictures taken from Entertainment Weekly and the Official Website of Josh Hutcherson.

September 30, 2013

Matt and Tyler for Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries

Anyone else here watches “The Vampire Diaries”? Season 5 will premiere in the US on October 3 and hopefully it will soon be available for the rest of the world after that. They recently posted the pictures of Matt Donovan (played by actor Zach Roerig) and Tyler Lockwood (actor Michael Trevino) on their Official Facebook Page. Hopefully, they’ll post pictures of Jeremy Gilbert (actor Steven McQueen) and Kol Mikaelson (actor Nathaniel Buzolic). These guys are the reason why I keep on watching the series even though it deviated so much from the novel.

Matt Donovan

Matt Donovan (actor Zach Roerig)


Tyler Lockwood

Tyler Lockwood (actor Michael Trevino)

July 31, 2013

One Direction–“Best Song Ever”

Finally, I was able to watch the latest music video of my favorite boyband these days – One Direction. The title of their latest song (and MTV) is “Best Song Ever” and they really let their hair down!

I don’t know who the marketing guy behind the success of One Direction but h’s definitely brilliant to market the Fab Five as a group that is synonymous with FUN. The “Best Song Ever” video has reached 43,842,839 hits as of today.


One Direction–”Best Song Ever”

Picture taken from

July 30, 2013

One Direction for GQ Britain

My favorite boyband these days, One Direction, is on the cover of GQ Britain. I probably mentioned this a lot of times, but Niall Horan is my favorite member of One Direction. I also can’t wait for their upcoming movie, “This Is Us”.

Check out the Fab Five!


July 13, 2013

The HB 1180 From A Call Center Agent’s POV


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This is the 3rd time that House Bill (HB) 1180 is being filed in Congress. It was recently re-filed by Kabataan Partylist Rep. Terry Ridon. It’s known as the BPO Workers’ Welfare and Protection Act of 2013 and it has 4 main objectives:

  • Regularization of all BPO workers upon the sixth month of employment as trainee or apprentice, or upon the completion of a maximum probationary training period of six months.
  • Standardized restroom breaks not shorter than five minutes each, with intervals of two hours during their working hours.
  • Entitlement to medical benefits upon entry in the BPO company and not merely upon regularization.
  • Right to Self-Association, to engage in Collective Bargaining, and to participate in Democratic Exercises

I’ve been in the call center industry since 2007 and I’ve worked for 7 call centers already – Alorica, Sykes Asia, Convergys, Teleperformance, Sutherland, Transcom and now, Sitel Philippines. Let me try to recall which of these call centers doesn’t follow the 4 main objectives of HB 1180.

For #1, all of those call centers do regularize their employees upon the completion of six months EXCEPT Alorica Philippines. This was in 2007 when I worked for Alorica Philippines for almost 8 months and I never received any regularization papers.

For the #2 objective, I don’t have any problems taking a pee whenever I feel the need to, in all 7 call centers.

For the #3 objective, not all the 7 call centers provide medical benefits (particularly an HMO or health card like Maxicare or Intellicare) upon Day 1. Alorica doesn’t provide it upon entry, as well as Sykes Asia, Teleperformance, and Sitel Philippines.

I received my Intellicare with Convergys since Day 1, as well as Sutherland (Maxicare) and Transcom (ActiveOne).

For the #4 objective of HB 1180, all these 7 call centers have no Union, as far as I know. No one talks about forming or joining any Union in all these 7 call centers and no one is recruiting the newbies.

Therefore, I support House Bill 1180, especially because of the 3rd and 4th objectives. I see no reasons why Congress should not approve this excellent bill EXCEPT if these call centers (BPO) are opposing the formation of Union and giving out the medical benefits (HMO card) upon Day 1 or the New Hire Orientation.

Electro: The Next Spider-Man Villain

Entertainment Weekly revealed recently that Electro will be the next Spider-Man super villain to appear in part 2 of The Amazing Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield version).

I can’t wait for this movie. I loved the Andrew Garfield version better than Tobie’s. I’m definitely a Spider-Man fan.

Electrospider-man vs electro

July 11, 2013

Harassment from Cases Corpus Law Office and HSBC

Today, I received a text message:

For Mr. Elmer xxx

This is from Cases Corpus Law office. Please be informed that your account with HSBC was endorsed to us recommended for Litigation. Please call 8171656 look for Atty Paulino Cases jr for out of court settlement. If non compliance you will subjected for legal visitation in your Home & Company add for possible small claim suit.

A few months ago, I was terminated by Sufferland Global Services for abandonment of work. I filed a case for illegal dismissal at the NLRC and 6 months after, I received the verdict of Elias Salinas dismissing my case. In other words, I lose my case. I was no longer interested in appealing my case because it’s tiresome. So I went to Sufferland a few weeks after, got my backpay and signed the Quit Claim form.


Image taken from

Due to this incident with Sufferland, I had financial problems and my HSBC Credit Card got cancelled because I failed to pay it in time. I was looking for job and struggling with money (up to now). So I ended up with a P30,000+ debt with HSBC.

This is not my first time that I received such a demand letter from a law office. I have a subscription before with Smart and I wasn’t happy with the service. My Smart account was terminated and I ended up with a P4,000+ debt with them. I receive harassment letters from a similar law office but I simply ignored those letters. It eventually stopped.

I got curious on this current law office that HSBC hired to harass me. I Google their name and found nothing – no Facebook profile, no website, no office address. I only found similar stories about harassment from this law office from other credit card holders like me. They too received such harassment calls from Cases Corpus Law Office. Some are customers of Citibank.

Having gone through 6 months of labor case with the NLRC, I pretty much know how long the legal process is involving our courts. In fact, I would love to undergo the same experience with HSBC and Cases Corpus Law Office so that I could write something on this blog.

If you have similar cases of harassment from law offices regarding your credit card debt, feel free to share it on this blog. Based on your own experiences with such harassments, did you actually ended up in court or you accepted an amicable settlement?

June 29, 2013

3rd Year Blog Anniversary

Thanks to my blog widget, Blogoversary, I was reminded that in 2 days times, this blog would turn 3 years old. Happy Anniversary to this blog, Elmer Loves Oreo! Hurray! Yehey!
Almost 3 years ago, I posted my first blog post about my boyfriend (at that time) named Oreo. My first blog post was very simple. I just thanked Oreo for being in a long-distance relationship with me (at that time) for the past 9 months. Back then, blogging was a way to get in touch with him. I was planning at that time to post the things that I've been doing so that he'll somehow get entertained.
Over the course of 3 years, this blog has gone 2 change of templates, reached 175k page views, have 316 posts and had a period of "silence" from the blogosphere in 2012. It was the period when we broke up and I ended up creating the other blog, el toro bumingo. I focused my attention on the new blog and left this blog in "suspended motion".
In June 3, 2012, I decided to "revive" this blog and make it my Movies and Call Center Life Blog. I made this blog as an outlet on some of my rants about the BPO Industry and being a Kolboy (Call Center Agent). I also posted some of the things that I experienced in the call center industry on this blog. Lately, this blog is becoming a venue for me to post upcoming movies and its trailers.
In the coming months, I envision this blog to be updated regularly as my Movies and Call Center Life Blog. I'll probably change the tagline in the Header as a reminder of this blog's new purpose in my life. Of course, this blog is a reminder on how a clueless guy could be a blogger because of love. Again, my gratitude to Oreo for making a blogger out of me.
Happy 3rd Year Anniversary to this blog.
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June 27, 2013

One Direction’s “This Is Us”

I’m a certified Directioner and I can’t wait for One Direction’s upcoming movie “This Is Us”. I’ve seen one of their concert videos and I just can’t get enough of the Fab Five.

Niall Horan is my favorite member of One Direction by the way. I even named one of my Ragnarok Characters after him. He’s an Arch Bishop and is at level 150.

my ab niall horan

Niall Horan in Philippine Ragnarok Online. He’s one of my favorite characters.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan is the most gorgeous member of One Direction, for me.

Speaking of the upcoming One Direction movie “This Is Us”, check out this latest trailer for that movie.

Niall Horan is my favorite member of One Direction.

June 25, 2013



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In the call center industry, when an account has a lot of avail time (no calls coming in), it only means two things -- either the account is overstaff or the account will soon be pulled out. There's a lot of avail time in our account lately -- and we're not overstaff.

Yesterday, we already received the bad news -- the account is decreasing the number of agents since the demand of the client (call volume) was also decreased. We'll be redeployed to other accounts within the call center company. It means that we'll have some time off-the-phone until we can be absorbed by the other accounts. I heard it would be paid for the first 30 days. If we're still "floating" after 30 days, then it would no longer be paid. It's either we wait for a few more days or look for another company.

This is not the first time that I'll be redeployed. In the past 6 years that I've been in the call center industry, I've been redeployed (client decision) around 6 times already. I'm used to this scenario although it's still a pain in the butt. It means that we have to learn new tools, new processes, new product and new support. This is one of the several things that I hate in the call center industry.

If the call center company that hired you is a big company with a lot of sites in different parts of the country, then you don't need to worry. There's a big chance that you'll get a new account immediately. Otherwise, you have to begin editing your resume and start sending the updated one to other companies.

I better start updating my resume.


We had a meeting yesterday and it was formally announced that the account is closing effective July 1, 2013. We’ll be endorsed to an ISP account and the interview process will begin tonight.

June 18, 2013

“300: Rise of an Empire”

“300: Rise of an Empire” is the follow-up to the 2007 film “300”. It’s directed by Noam Murro.

I haven’t watched “300” yet (I’m downloading it as I create this blog post) but I heard so much about the movie. I guess the TV series “Spartacus” was inspired by the success of “300”. I think this follow up movie, “300: Rise of an Empire” would be a successful movie as well.

300 Rise of an Empire

June 10, 2013

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The poster of the 2nd movie in The Hobbit Series was recently posted on the Facebook page of Warner Bros Philippines. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug continues the journey of Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves to recapture their fortress against a dragon.

I can’t wait to watch this movie.

The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug

TomDen Love Team

As far as I know, this is the first time in Philippine television that gay love will take center state. “My Husband’s Lover” is indeed something to look forward to. It will be aired tonight, July 10, 2013 so let’s all watch it.

Congratulations to GMA Network for coming up with a tele-novela that is not mainstream and for educating the public that there really exist love between two guys. Two good-looking and discreet guys.

Since they’re both Hanford models, would it be too much to ask them to strip to their underwear on primetime TV? Smile

TomDen Love Team

June 9, 2013

Jeremy Irvine in “War Horse”

“War Horse” is a 2011 blockbuster movie starring Jeremy Irvine. I only watched it today and it’s heartwarming. It is set in England during World War I and it’s the story of a young man and his amazing horse.

At first, I got attracted to Jeremy Irvine when I saw him on Just Jared. I researched his filmography and found out that he starred in this Spielberg movie. It made him popular overnight and the movie’s story is to be credited for that.

If you have time, please do watch “War Horse”.


Brad Pitt in World War Z

Brad Pitt is ageless. He’s forever gorgeous. He’ll be the lead star of another zombie movie.

After watching the zombie movie “Warm Bodies”, here’s another zombie apocalypse movie to look forward to – “World War Z”. Z as in Zombie. With all the news today of newly discovered virus, who knows, we probably would end up in a zombie infested future.

Brad Pitt for World War Z

June 7, 2013

Yahoo! Philippines OMG! Awards 2013

It’s the time of the year once more wherein we vote for the best celebrity in different categories, most notably the Actor and Actress of the Year. This event is presented by Yahoo! Philippines and McDonald’s McCafe. The awarding night will take place on Friday, July 19, 2013.

I primarily vote for the male categories. Other categories in this yearly award includes Actress of the Year, Breakthrough Actress, Celebrity of the Year, Child Star of the Year, Comedian of the Year, Comedienne of the Year, Male and Female DJ of the Year, etc.

So, who are you voting for this year’s Yahoo! OMG! Awards 2013?

actor of the year

My OMG! Actor of the Year is Coco Martin.

breakthrough actor of the year

My OMG! Breakthrough Actor of the Year is Daniel Padilla.

favorite male tv host

My OMG! Favorite Male TV Host of the Year is Ryan Agoncillo.

male performer of the year

My OMG! Male Performer of the Year is Abra.

June 2, 2013

The Promise of Oreo

It’s almost 2 years since Oreo and I ended our Long Distance Relationship. Our story that started in 2009 ended in 2011. The good thing about us is that we remain friends. In fact, we keep on sending each other messages, either via Facebook or Twitter.

My love for Oreo will always be there. We may never be lovers again but we’re definitely friends. We often tease each other about getting back to each other’s arms but that’s not a possibility at this time. First, he’s still in Saudi Arabia and I’m still here in Manila. Second, I really don’t know if he still loves me as a boyfriend or will he ever love me again. Our break-up was also traumatic to me and I can’t say for sure if I would say “Yes” if he ask me to be his lover again.

France and New Zealand recently allowed gay marriage in these countries and I’m teasing him into getting married in those countries. I’m also teasing him to give me a cellphone with Instagram capabilities and he said he’ll give me one. The question is, when will he return?

I’m glad that we’re still good friends in spite of what happened.

free cp from oreo 2

May 19, 2013

Markki Stroem for The Love Yourself Project

Markki Stroem is a supporter of The Love Yourself Project (a.k.a. Love Yourself). In this headshot by photographer Ian Felix Alquiros, he’s holding movie tickets to the special screening of Slumber Party to be held at Robinson’s Galleria on May 21, 2013.

markki stroem for TLYP

May 13, 2013

Fast & Furious 6 Showing May 24, 2013

The blog title says it all. I can’t wait to see Paul Walker again on the big screen.


May 9, 2013

Josh Hutcherson as Nod in the Movie “Epic”

I first saw the trailer of “Epic” when we watched “Iron Man 3” a few weeks ago. I was mesmerized by the trailer! The story probably is similar in concept with “Thumbelina” but I’m pretty sure it has it’s own unique plot.

Today I found out that Josh Hutcherson will voice the character of Nod – one of the lead characters. Now that gives me another reason to watch this movie! Not to mention that it’s from the creators of such hit movies like “Ice Age” and “Rio”.

I hope Nuffnang Philippines will sponsor the advance screening of this “Epic” movie. It will be shown in the country on May 24, 2013.

Epic May 24Josh Hutcherson for Epic May 24

Gorgeous Josh Hutcherson lends his sexy voice for Nod.

May 5, 2013

Markki Stroem at 7th High

So my idol Markki Stroem is now dubbed as the Prince of Jazz! Nice. He’ll be at 7th High, Bonifacio Global City on May 8 and 22 together with his 4WillDrive band for a night of soulful music. This event is presented by Apex Lounge.

Don’t miss him!

Markki Stroem at 7th High

One Direction’s “This Is Us”

They are probably inspired by Justin Bieber’s 3D movie that’s why they’ll be releasing their own movie too. Hey, I’m not complaining! In fact, I’ll definitely watch the One Direction boys on their 1st movie.

I adore the guys of One Direction specially Niall Horan. In fact, I named one of my characters in Ragnarok Online after him. Let’s follow One Direction’s upcoming movie on their Twitter account: @1DThisIsUs

1D This Is Us

April 28, 2013

Slumber Party at Robinson’s Galleria

The Love Yourself Project will have a special screening of Markki Stroem’s movie Slumber Party on May 21, 2013 at the Robinson’s Galleria Cinema 2 at 7:00 PM.

Slumber Party was inspired by that famous YouTube video about a group of gay friends and their reaction when Venus Raj became part of the Top 15 in Miss Universe 2010.

Markki Stroem was also nominated in the 10th Golden Screen Awards for Movies (2013) in the Best Breakthrough Performance by an Actor category.

See you guys at the movies!

Slumber Party May 21 Rob Galleria

April 22, 2013

Paulo Avelino for The Bride And The Lover

Paolo Avelino 2

Paulo Avelino is set to appear as Miguel Rodriguez Jr / Jacob de Guzman in the upcoming movie The Bride And The Lover. He announced on his Twitter account that it will be shown on May 1, 2013.

Good luck on your new movie Paulo Avelino. I hope you’ll get an award for your performance in this film, like you did for the tele-serye Walang Hanggan.

Photo courtesy of Jerry Olea of Puri Titiwang Presents.

April 15, 2013

The Hassle of Getting My Back Pay from Transcom Asia

You really don’t judge a call center company by the way that they welcomed you to their office. You judge them by how fast they’ve handled the release of your back pay. By that standard, Transcom Asia is definitely a failure when it comes to handling back pay.

transcom worst in back pay

I’ve submitted my fully-signed clearance in the first week of February 2013. I was given my Non-Regularization Notice and a leaflet advising me how to make a follow-up on my back pay complete with all the instructions on how to get it as well as the duration for the release of it (45 business days).

Today is the 51st business day since I’ve submitted my completed clearance form. Prior to this, I’ve already sent them emails to the person indicated in the leaflet, who are Brian Manalo ( and a certain Emma ( I never received a reply from them. I sent another follow-up email regarding my back pay.

I also called the number indicated at that leaflet: 702-2400 extensions 38347 and 38029, which according to the leaflet is the Employee Relations. I called both numbers multiple times and I’m being directed to the Manila Recruitment – and no one is answering the phone. The leaflet also indicated that the hours to make follow-up calls are Mondays to Thursday between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. I’ve called between that duration and I’m being directed to a voicemail. So I left my name, my concern and my phone number – but I’m not expecting a call from them.

If only call center companies like Transcom Asia would release the back pay as fast as they terminated an agent, then we could probably recommend their company to our friends. All I’m saying is, Transcom Asia is so fast when it comes to terminating their agents (without even an admin hearing for a non-regular agent) but is very slow and inefficient when it comes to handling back pay.

It’s really a hassle getting my back pay from Transcom Asia. It’s no fun getting back pay here.

April 7, 2013

Vote Ang Ladlad #28 For Partylist

You don’t have to be a member of the gay and lesbian community to vote for Ang Ladlad this coming election. You just have to believe in the idea that “all men (and women) are created equal”.

Vote Ladlad

April 4, 2013

“Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Sea of Monsters”

Finally… the sequel to “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” is upon us! 20th Century Fox Philippines finally upload the international trailer of “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Sea of Monsters”.

The first Percy Jackson movie was released in 2010 and I thought that they’ll release the sequel a year after. After almost 3 years, the sequel is scheduled to be released in the Philippines on August 15, 2013. The cast are still the same with Logan Lerman reprising his role as the son of Poseidon. Without further ado, I give you, “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Sea of Monsters”!


Can’t wait to see Logan Lerman again in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Sea of Monsters

March 17, 2013

A New Darna Movie Is Coming

My Facebook page is getting flooded by news (or rumors) of a new Darna movie in the works. I am hoping it’s true since I’m a fan of Darna. I even drawn her during my college years.

Speaking of Darna drawing, here’s a nice once from Deviant Art. It’s Darna by Glee-chan.

Darna by Glee-chan

March 6, 2013

“Oz the Great and Powerful” by Nuffnang Philippines

Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines, Abenson and Nokia, I’ll be able to watch “Oz the Great and Powerful” tomorrow night at the Shangri-La EDSA Mall. This is part of the contest I’ve joined along with other bloggers a few weeks ago. I won 4 tickets to this movie!

“Oz the Great and Powerful” is an unofficial prequel to the 1939 movie “The Wizard of Oz” with James Franco as the wizard. See you tomorrow fellow bloggers!

Oz the Great and Powerful