April 15, 2013

The Hassle of Getting My Back Pay from Transcom Asia

You really don’t judge a call center company by the way that they welcomed you to their office. You judge them by how fast they’ve handled the release of your back pay. By that standard, Transcom Asia is definitely a failure when it comes to handling back pay.

transcom worst in back pay

I’ve submitted my fully-signed clearance in the first week of February 2013. I was given my Non-Regularization Notice and a leaflet advising me how to make a follow-up on my back pay complete with all the instructions on how to get it as well as the duration for the release of it (45 business days).

Today is the 51st business day since I’ve submitted my completed clearance form. Prior to this, I’ve already sent them emails to the person indicated in the leaflet, who are Brian Manalo (brian.manalo@transcom.com) and a certain Emma (emma.60124@nucomm.net). I never received a reply from them. I sent another follow-up email regarding my back pay.

I also called the number indicated at that leaflet: 702-2400 extensions 38347 and 38029, which according to the leaflet is the Employee Relations. I called both numbers multiple times and I’m being directed to the Manila Recruitment – and no one is answering the phone. The leaflet also indicated that the hours to make follow-up calls are Mondays to Thursday between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. I’ve called between that duration and I’m being directed to a voicemail. So I left my name, my concern and my phone number – but I’m not expecting a call from them.

If only call center companies like Transcom Asia would release the back pay as fast as they terminated an agent, then we could probably recommend their company to our friends. All I’m saying is, Transcom Asia is so fast when it comes to terminating their agents (without even an admin hearing for a non-regular agent) but is very slow and inefficient when it comes to handling back pay.

It’s really a hassle getting my back pay from Transcom Asia. It’s no fun getting back pay here.

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