January 21, 2018

Harassment Texts from Sy & Jae Corp

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I keep getting text messages from 09232511733 Sy & Jae Corp, service provider of Cignal TV:

“Hi Elmer _

Regarding on your CignalTV Over Due with Accnt # xxx total bal of 2224.26. Record Show That Your Outstanding Balance Remains Unpaid. Pls Proceed to Any CignalTV AUTHORIZED PAYMENT CENTER immediately thank you”

“CIGNAL ACCT xxx Your balance is DUE & DEMANDABLE. Pls pay 2224.26 NOW to avoid legal action. Last pymt was xxx for 1600. Disregard if paid. TY.

“We urge you to prioritize the settlement of this account today to avoid possible collection proceedings. Kindly settle at any CignalTV accredited payment center”

“It seems that you have ignored our reminders to settle your overdue CignalTV Inc Account”

“We look forward to your immediate and positive action in this matter. As such, you are hereby to settle w/in 48hrs. Make your settlement upon the given period.”

“Contact 09232511733 look for Jaime disregard this message if paid thanks”

“We are therefore giving you this chance to confront the situation amicably and present to us your payment arrangement to clear your name.”

“has been disconnected with TotalBal of 2224.26 still remain unpaid. We are sending this message in behalf of our client CignalTV.”

Actually, I finished my contract with CignalTV except the last due amount and I’m no longer interested in continuing my subscription since my mom said “paulit-ulit naman yung palabas".

I actually don’t like the words they are using to remind me of my overdue balance. Sounds like harassment to me. It makes me want to ignore them even more. I hope they change the way they remind their customers. Or change their contact law office that handle their collection.

I would love Congress to pass the #SIMcardRegistration law to avoid these kind of nuissances.

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