February 10, 2011

Carl Guevarra

Carl Guevarra (a.k.a. Carlo Guevarra) is one of my favorite celebrities and model here in the Philippines. He was the winner of the Be Bench (The Model Search) and has been a product endorser of Bench ever since.

I haven't seen most of his TV appearances, aside from the TV5 show "Lipgloss" where he portrayed a gay character.

I've seen some of his interview and I can say he's more than just good looks. Carl Guevarra is also an inspiration for the "chubby" ones, since he's "chubby" before joining the Be Bench contest. He showed the Filipinos that having a great, gym-build body starts with proper mind-setting, attitude and will.

(Photo credits goes to cosmo.ph, Bruce Casanova, Jory Rivera, rddantes.com, and Christian Panganiban)

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