February 22, 2011

11 Reasons Why Our Customers Are Chatting

I’m currently a chat agent for a US Internet Service Provider that offers Voice Over IP (VOIP), High Speed Internet (up to 24 Mbps) and TV service (ala Sky Cable) in one package. I’ve been chatting with US customers for more than 6 months now and here are the 11 Reasons Why Our Customers Are Chatting with us:
1. Slow Internet Speed – we ask them to run test at www.speedtest.net and compare it with their package. Customer education.
2. No picture showing up on their TV – we ask them to turn off their set top boxes. You’ll be surprise that US customers doesn’t turn off their TV, computers, set top boxes and other electronic devices. Mostly cable issues.
3. Can’t login to their emails – we reset their password. You’ll be surprise on how often they forgot their passwords
4. Billing Disputes – we ask them to talk to Billing. They always tells us that they’ve been overcharge. Always.
5. Voicemail Not Working – we guide them on how to setup their voicemail first.
6. Remote Control Not Working – this one is easy. We send them a replacement.
7. Wireless Not Working – because either their wireless switch is off, they’re connecting to a different router, or their typing in an incorrect Wireless Key.
8. Where Is My Technician? – they always ask this on the day of their repair appointment. We always tell them that the technician is “a bit late”.
9. Is Internet available in my area? – Most of our answer is “no”. We sometimes refer them to our Sales Team. They get the same answer anyway.
10. My computer has a virus! – this is an out-of-scope issue and we have a fee-based department that deals with viruses. We refer them to this department.
11. Download the McAfee Antivirus program – we guide them on where to download it. Most ISP in the US has an antivirus program included in their package. Either it’s Norton or McAfee.
More Call Center issues in my next posts. My gratitude for my Super Call Center Friends (a.k.a. my Team Mates) for discussing the list with me. Cheers!

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