January 30, 2011

Pasig City


Oreo is from Bicol while I'm from Pasig City. I would love to post some pictures of my hometown in this blog and here are some pictures of famous landmarks around Pasig City. I have included here Ado's Panciteria - Pasig's Pride and Joy when it comes to Pinoy food. Also included in this gallery are Pasig Catholic College, the Pasig City Museum, and Rizal's monument at the Plaza. I'll probably add more pictures of Pasig City soon.

Hopefully, once Oreo is back from his 2-year job contract in Saudi Arabia, we'll be able to go to his hometown in Bicol, take some pictures of the local scenery and post it here in this blog as well. In this way, we'll get to know each other's hometown a little better.
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January 29, 2011

Mang Inggo Lugawan Mamihan Atbp.

I was fortunate enough to have a nearby carinderia that serves the cheapest yet very delicious local food. Mang Inggo Lugawan Mamihan Atbp. serves popular Filipino food like tokwa, lugaw, pansit palabok (shown here), lumpia, pansit bihon, tapsi, etc.
The price is very affordable. You can get a single tokwa or a lumpia for P7.00 per piece and their lugaw is only P15.00 (with a boiled egg).
Mang Inggo Lugawan Mamihan Atbp. is known for the delicious food and affordable price. I've been eating here for ages. I usually eat lugaw for breakfast and the lumpia and tokwa for meryenda. Sometimes, when I'm staying up all night from playing Ragnarok or DotA, I make it a point to have a quick snack at this heaven-sent carinderia.
I hope Oreo and I could share a snack or two at this famous (barangay-level) eatery.
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Here's the official trailer of the upcoming movie "Thor". I'm a big fan of Marvel and seeing the God of Thunder in a movie is something I won't miss. I do hope to watch it with Oreo.

"Lie to Me"

Here's a song from the movie "Shelter". This song made Shane Mack one of my most played artist in my iTunes library. Enjoy!

"Latter Days"

I have blogged earlier about the movie "Shelter". It's among the numerous gay-themed movies I've watched so far. The movie that stands out among all those gay-themed movies that you'll ever watch out there (for me) would be "Latter Days". First, it's the first independent gay-themed movie (a.k.a. indie film) that I've ever watched. Second, it was recommended by Oreo, my lover, and I understand why he liked it as well. And third, "Latter Days" set things in motion -- so to speak. I mean, my fascination with gay-themed movies (mostly indie films) started with "Latter Days". Not to mention, that Oreo's motto in life ("I don't throw anything unless it's dead") comes from this movie.
"Latter Days" by the way, is the story of Christian (Oreo's other nickname) and Aaron, a Mormon missionary. It's a "coming out" movie. Aaron is a closet gay and Christian made him come out of the closet to enjoy true love and friendship. It's another fairy-tale movie for the hopeless gay-romantics out there, but similar to "Shelter", it can happen.
I would always be thankful to Oreo, the love of my life, for introducing me to the fascinating world of gay-themed movies.

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Shelter is a 2007 gay film from the American company here! It's known as "the gay surfer's movie". It's about two gays from California who falls in love with one another and finding "Shelter" in each other's company. It's the most ideal potrayal of two gay men, in-love.

Critics even say, that this is unlike any other gay-themed movie that you'll ever watch since there is no drag queen potrayal here, no drugs, orgys, gay clubs, and other things typical of gay movies. The movie is so "clean" so to speak.

Probably a lot of gay couples out there would definitely want a clean, smooth relationship as potrayed by Zach and Shaun in the movie. I would definitely want my relationship with Oreo, to end like that of "Shelter".

This movie would probably be a fairy-tale for the gay community. But I do believe that it's possible. I believe, Oreo and I, are both looking forward to a smooth-sailing relationship like that of "Shelter".

I love you Oreo. You're my "Shelter".
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January 4, 2011

Philippine Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is the first MMORPG in the Philippines. It took the country by storm 7 years ago. It's similar to World of War Craft wherein you choose a character, kill some monsters to gain experience and have more skills. The goal of the game back then was to reach level 99 and to gain an Aura -- a shining effect on your character.
I first played this game in December 2003 at Chronozone (a computer shop in Bacoor, Cavite). I got hooked to the game ever since.
A common partnership in this game is a Wizard-Priest combination or Hunter-Priest combo. It would be a very big bonus if you have a lover that's into the game as well and you'll ask him to support you. It's actually my dream to have a lover that's into this game. I will be a Priest and support him.
How I wish I could teach Oreo the benefits of this game. How I wish I could someday play it with him.