January 29, 2011

Mang Inggo Lugawan Mamihan Atbp.

I was fortunate enough to have a nearby carinderia that serves the cheapest yet very delicious local food. Mang Inggo Lugawan Mamihan Atbp. serves popular Filipino food like tokwa, lugaw, pansit palabok (shown here), lumpia, pansit bihon, tapsi, etc.
The price is very affordable. You can get a single tokwa or a lumpia for P7.00 per piece and their lugaw is only P15.00 (with a boiled egg).
Mang Inggo Lugawan Mamihan Atbp. is known for the delicious food and affordable price. I've been eating here for ages. I usually eat lugaw for breakfast and the lumpia and tokwa for meryenda. Sometimes, when I'm staying up all night from playing Ragnarok or DotA, I make it a point to have a quick snack at this heaven-sent carinderia.
I hope Oreo and I could share a snack or two at this famous (barangay-level) eatery.
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