November 1, 2020

Cute Guy Brent Manalo

I don’t know where exactly I saw the picture of Brent Manalo for the first time (most likely on Twitter) but I find him cute, attractive and charming. His name is Brent Manalo.

Brent Manalo 2

Cute guy Brent Manalo captivated by heart by his charming good looks

He appeared as a “karibal” to the character of Khalil Ramos in iWant Original Anthology series “Ampalaya Chronicles Presents Adik” (2020, Mini-Series). Other than that, I have nothing on him. Except that he has an clothing business called Brent Selects (that ships nationwide), he’s a TikToker, a vlogger, marketing student and models for clothing lines.

He modeled for Regatta and Guess. He was featured on Garage’s website. Let me watch his YouTube Q&As to know more about him. By the way, I love how he takes his selfies. It’s not super focus on his face but he leaves a huge space on the upper portion of the picture. Nice style I should say.

Brent Manalo 3

Brent Manalo models for Guess.

Brent Manalo 4

I wonder if he also models for a jewelry line or if it’s part of his business Brent Selects.

Brent Manalo 5

I love his style of selfie – leaving a huge space about his head. Stylish

Brent Manalo 6


Brent Manalo



Brent Manalo wearing Guess apparel.

I watched his first YouTube vlog entry and he gave some information about himself like:

  • When he's 18 years old, he went to Dubai. It's his first time traveling alone.
  • He lived alone at 16, when he moved to a condo near La Salle. He graduated Cum Laude in DLSU.
  • He's into Kpop and his fave Kpop group is Blank Pink.
  • He worked with Maris Racal and met her again at the Star Magic Halloween
  • Highest grade he had: 98-99 in HS. 4.00 in DLSU (highest)
  • He has 3 siblings and he's the eldest.
  • Celebrity crush: Jennie Kim (Korean).
  • He's attending dance workshop in Star Magic and he's 5'9" tall
  • He's into Nike -- shoes, shirt and pants.
  • He describes himself as the "last man standing sa inuman".
  • He's mainly into neutral -- Beige, White, Black, Gray and his fashion influences are y00i, Joe Hall and Simon Decker.
  • Drinks with parents.
  • He has no sports. He tried taekwondo though but didn't finish it
  • He was scouted by ABS-CBN, twice.
  • He compared to Kalix. Law graduate from Ateneo.

Watch his 1st vlog here:

Brent Manalo’s first vlog entry


“Brent Manalo” in “Ampalaya Chronicles”

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  1. he’s cute but i think he’s gay i can really sense it and it’s definitely ok