October 6, 2010

Two Movies

During our very short courtship period of two weeks, Oreo and I just had 2 dates. On both dates, it includes watching films which we both love.

The first movie that we watched was "Final Destination 4". I'm actually a fan of the movie series. At the time that we are deciding what to watch, Oreo wants "Kimmy Dora". I don't know what happened, but we ended up watching FD4. When I got home that day, I actually regret watching the film. I should have gave in to what Oreo wanted. It could have been a more hilarious date.
The 2nd movie we watched was "In My Life". This time, we both enjoyed watching the movie. It was romantic, realistic but a bit sad due to the ending. Nonetheless, we're both happy that we watched this movie. I even watched this 2 more times at home. I imagined our relationship to be like John & Luis: arguments, meeting the parents, lots of decisions involving us, and the simple joys of living together like dinner and bedtime.
Oreo and I both decided to live together next year. It's a year from now and I'm a bit worried and excited to share my life with him. I know it won't be easy, but as long as we both decide on something and we agree, then I don't see any problem. Life is like watching movies: sometimes you watch good films, sometimes it's a bad choice. But the bad choices doesn't stop you from watching another movie.

October 1, 2010

The Clan

I am a member of Men's Labyrinth. It's a clan for bisexuals and gays that promote camaraderie and friendship through Group Messages (GM) and Grand Eye Balls (GEB). I'm a member since December last year.

Men's Labyrinth came into existence when members and officers of my former clan, The Mega Manila Bachelor's Society (MMBS) had some dispute and disagreements. We decided to separate from that clan and established our own.

Since then, we have 10 GEBs and several mini-GEBS including 2 swimming parties. Although our GEB is usually a karaoke session at Starlites, Cubao, it's our way of bounding with each other. We chat, drink, sing and get familiar with the members of the clan.

In between GEBs, we send a minimum of 15 GMs to every member of the clan. We have an average membership of 40+ like-minded guys who are mostly fun to be with. We get to know the members through texting and call conference. It's fun to be a member.

This clan is precious to me since I met my husband, Oreo, indirectly through this clan. A few weeks after I became a member, I met Randy who introduced me to his close friend, Oreo. Although Oreo never became a member and never attended a GEB, I always dream of the day that we'd walk into our room in Starlites, smile and tell every member "Guys, this is my husband, the love of my life, Oreo".

One more year, and we'll finally attend the GEB together.

September 29, 2010

Canon A495

I'm publishing here a picture of my niece taken using my new digital camera -- the Canon A495. It's a nice camera with 10 megapixel of resolution and the price is around P7,000. I brought it yesterday using the money I got from my 2nd loan through SSS.

I actually wanted to compete with the gadgets being acquired by Oreo in Saudi right now. He also has his own digital camera. I forgot the brand and specs. But knowing how tech savvy my husband is, I'm pretty sure it's a powerful digital camera.

I'm looking forward to buying gadgets with Oreo at Cyberzone. I can't wait for that day.
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September 22, 2010

Picasa: BlogThis!

I am checking out how to post pictures on our blog faster. I am using Picasa and it's associated with Blogger! I just noticed it today.

I selected a picture to upload and Green Lantern, one of my favorite cartoon character, is staring me in Picasa! So here it is everyone, I bring you, Green Lantern!

Speaking of Green Lantern, I already watched the animated film and it was good! I've also seen the Green Lantern Corps appeared in Batman: The Brave and The Bold. It's wonderful!

I'm not sure if my Better-Half Oreo is into animation as well. I do hope he is! We'll be watching cartoon series together in front of your TV in our own living room. Just one year from now, and we'll be enjoying the joys and pains of living together.

Happy 1st Year Anniversary by the way My Love!
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On My Way To Work

I have a new cellphone. It's a Sony Ericsson S312. It's not one of the latest model or one of the Cybershot cameras, but it's pretty decent because of it's 2MP camera (same capacity as my Nokia 2700). I tried to take some of the usual sights when I go to work. I work in Kalayaan Avenue, Bonifacio Global City. Coming from Pasig, sometimes it's hard to find an FX that I end up walking from Bagong Ilog to Buting. Here are some of the pictures taken from my new SE phone.

Oreo is into camera as well. Next year, I hope to travel places with him and take as many pictures as possible. He'll be my companion in this journey called LIFE.

August 18, 2010

Facebook Games and My Oreo

I currently play 4 Facebook Games: Social City, My Empire, Cafe World and FarmVille. In these games, Ore's name is etched! It's my simple way of expressing my gratitude for the love he's giving me. I specially like FarmVille since you could really arrange the components of your farm to express how you fell. In my farm, it's "I Love U Oreo".

Happy 11th Monthsary Hon!

Today marks our 11th Monthsary. Our anniversary, September 18, 2009, marks the day that Oreo accepted my offer to be his lover. It also marks the day that we became one :)
Oreo called this afternoon. He used a new mobile number and I did notice that it was an international number. I thought my brother Errol was calling. I'm very thankful that he called (I almost forgot our monthsary!).
Hon, Happy Anniversary. I wanted to thank you for staying with me as your boyfriend, for the past 11 months. I do hope that we survive all the struggles that lovers usually have. It's just a bit more difficult to maintain this kind of relationship, but if we're both fueled by our desire to be with each other, then nothing is impossible.
I love you and I always will.

August 15, 2010


Gays are not usually into gadgets. So when I met Oreo last year, I don’t have the slightest idea that he’s into gadgets.
I love gadgets. I’m into collecting laptops (I tend to give my laptop to my relatives on a yearly basis). It started with a Lenovo G400 which we purchased (through BPI Installment Madness) way back in 2008. It was soon followed by an Acer Aspire One (generation 1) with Linpus Linux OS and a 10” LCD screen. After that, we also purchased the Compaq CQ20, a 12” laptop. I’ve given all those laptops away to my nephew, niece and sister-in-law.
Now I’m using an Asus K40IJ with a 14” HD (LED) screen. Guess what; I’m planning to give this away once I’m done with the payment (which would end February next year). I’m planning to buy another Lenovo.
I’m also into cellular phones. I started with a Nokia 5110 followed by a 3210. Then comes the 3310, 1100, 3110 classic, 2700 classic, Samsung Corby, and a SE w200i. I’ve already given the 3110 classic, Corby and the w200i. I’m only using the Nokia 2700 classic and I’m planning to replace it with THE ULTIMATE mobile phone: iPhone.
Oreo, on the other hand is planning to have the iPad. He already has an HP Mini as his laptop and a digital camera. His cellphone I believe is also one of the newest models from Nokia. He’s planning also to have another computer with a big LCD monitor (I would have to tell him that LED is the LATEST thing in TV right now).
My Hon’s tech savvy upbringing probably stems from his call center experience as well. He worked as an agent prior to working in Saudi. He’s into Facebook, games, YM and other Internet stuff. His bank account is enrolled in eBanking and he could check his balance by logging in to the website of BDO. That’s how techie my Better Half is.
I can’t wait to be with him, to live with him. I’m looking forward to sharing gadgets with him, going to BPI Installment Madness events, Technology Expo, going to Cyberzone and the entire things tech savvy people do. I love you Oreo!
August 14, 2010

July 30, 2010

"The Last Airbender"

Whenever a blockbuster movie like this is shown in cinemas, I wish for the nth time that Oreo is with me.

Although I've heard and read a lot of negative remarks about the movie, I went ahead and watched it in Trinoma. It turns out to be a good movie!

I'm a fan of this anime series. I like the concept of the 4 elements combined with Asian myth. The character of the Avatar was based on the concept of the Dalai Lama -- how he is reborn and how does his follower select him.

I've also been exposed to the concept of the 4 elements from Ragnarok Online. That game used the concept entirely in the game. I'm not surprised that Fire dominates Earth and Air dominates Water. Sort of.

But I can wait for Oreo's return. I'm very confident that my wait is worth it. I will have a constant companion whenever I watch movies like this. Oreo himself is a movie fanatic.

I love you Oreo!

July 18, 2010

Letter To My Czech Friend

Hi Honza!

Today is our 10th monthsary (month-anniversary). Ten months ago, Oreo and I made love the whole night long. It was our first lovemaking.

Prior to this, we've already dated twice and have send each other SMS (commonly known here as text message). Oreo, as I may have probably told you, was introduced by a common friend from our Clan. When I first talked to him over the phone, I got so interested in him because he's fun to talk with. The days that followed were blissful. We could text (send SMS) each other often even if I'm at work (I was training for an account back then).

We got to know each other in the coming days. Then we went and watch a movie then. "In My Life" was a gay-themed movie about 2 gays living in New York City. Their relationship was put to the test when one the gay's mom when to live with him -- and realized he's gay! That was our first movie date. I don't kissed Oreo then just yet, since I don't kiss on first date.

But when our 1st lovemaking day came, we made love like crazy! I felt in-love. I felt accepted and complete. September 18, 2009. I can't forget the date. It was then that I asked him to be my boyfriend. He said yes. We committed our lives to each other. We promised to love each other as hetero couples do.

10 months after, we're still madly in-love. Even if we have a Long Distance Relationship, the love is there and we both knew it. We're committed to make this relationship work no matter what. We had some fights and arguments during the 10 months of relationship. The arguments didn't kill our relationship. It just made us stronger.

I've talked to him a few minutes ago via Yahoo! Messenger. We committed ourselves to each other again. We're still in-love. We have lots of plans when he goes home next year. We'll travel to Hong Kong Disneyland. It would be my very first travel abroad. And like what Oreo said, it would be a magnificent experience since we'll be doing it together.

Take care buddy! I'll write you soon.

Your friend,


I'll be posting this letter to our blog :)

July 12, 2010

Wedding Vow

Oreo, I now join you to share all of life with you, its responsibilities and freedoms; its joys and sorrows, to love and care for you.

I will love you when we are together and when we are apart; when our lives are at peace and when they are in turmoil; when I am proud of you and when I am disappointed in you; in times of rest and in times of work.

I will honor your goals and dreams and help you to fulfill them. I shall adore you and listen and speak the truth to you and seek to live each day as a gift of God, as long as we both shall live.

July 1, 2010


I watched the movie with 4 ML members: Gerald, Booh, Andrew and Blake. They’re the famous lovers of our clan. We had dinner at Pizza Hut. We ordered a Family size pizza (which is small) and some pasta. I loved their spaghetti. Andrew had lasagna while Booh had a pasta I haven’t seen before.

We had coffee at Starbucks before finally watching the movie at 10:30 PM. Earlier, I arrived at Gateway around 6 PM. I got my ticket at 7 PM. It’s the first day showing of the movie “Eclipse” and there were a lot of people who lined up for the movie.

The film is true to the novel. There were short scenes of Rosalie and Jasper’s past. There were also the scenes of the wolve’s history. The fight of the wolves and Cullen’s are OK. I think the actress that played Rosalie in the first 2 movies was replaced. All other characters are the same.

Due to the sheer number of people who showed up for the movie, We got the worse seat – the front row. Well, it’s better than cancelling the “date” all together. Thank God the movie is great.

I missed my lover Christian the whole time I was at Gateway. For the nth time, I wished he’s with me.

June 29, 2010

And I Love Him

I once attempted to have a blog, a few years ago. I was into Ragnarok Online and I thought of having a blog to post the adventures of my in-game character, a Soul Linker. I didn't even made it to 2nd post.

This is my 2nd attempt to give blogging a try. I have a new inspiration. My lover Christian. We just celebrated our 9th monthsary. To gay people, that's decent. I'm so much in-love with him, that all I could think was him.

I'll probably recall how we met in the upcoming posts. For now, let me have a good sleep. It's quite tiring being a callboy. I do hope I get past that 2nd post.

I love you my Hon.