March 19, 2018

Gay Movies on Netflix

I’m back at Netflix… as another trial. I am actually curious if I’m missing out on some gay movies. Apparently I am. I haven’t seen most of these movies on torrents. I also checked out the monthly subscription of Netflix and at around P500, it’s worth it. I mean, aside from gay movies and gay TV series, I can also watch all those popular movies and US TV series.

Anyway, here is a rundown of all the gay movies you can watch on Netflix.

Netflix Gay Movies 2Netflix Gay Movies

King Cobra

Holding The Man

Handsome Devil

Those People

Dream Boat

I am Happiness On Earth

Hurricane Bianca

Bright Night

4th Man Out


Head On

Cherry Pop

Strike A Pose


Made In Bangkok




We Are Family

Michael Lost And Found

The Pearl of Africa

Other People

Zenne Dancer

Big Freedia

The Pink Mirror

Breaking Free

Simplemente Manu Nna

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