February 12, 2011

The Will of the People Triumphed

Finally, after weeks of protest, the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, finally stepped down as President of that country. This has been in the news for the past few days and whenever I open my FireFox (and my homepage is Yahoo! Philippines), there is always a news article related to the events in Egypt.

What is it for me? First, I'm happy that the will of the Egyptian people triumph. You can probably go to Yahoo! or BBC and watch how happy the Egyptians are. Second, I'm happy that democracy works in Egypt and that their leaders listen to what the people are saying. Lastly, I'm hoping that the it would be business as usual for all the tourists that wanted to visit the pyramids and other great archeological sites in that country.

I just hope that the new regime in Egypt would respect the achievements of it's predecessor: the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty and it's treatment of Egypt's religious minority i.e. the Coptic Church and other Christians.

Read all about it here.

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