February 5, 2011

The Coconuter

One of my favorite blogger, David Poarch a.k.a. The Coconuter was again featured in Manila Gay Guy with some spicy pictures.

I heard about The Coconuter's story, if I'm not mistaken, from Rated K (a local TV show from Kapamilya network a.k.a. Channel 2). I was still working for Sykes Asia back then. I guess it was in 2007.

He's a Filipino-American living in the US but decided to go back to his hometown of Zambales to live as a nomad. He grew up in the US so he wanted to know how it is like to live in the "barrio" or rural area.

So he returned to the Philippines, lived amongst us, documented his life as a nomad in Zambales, set up a blog, and became famous. He's blessed with good looks but he's far from being just having good looks. The guy is a genius, a photographer and tech savvy. His blog gained a lot of followers (myself included) due to the way he promote the Philippines in general to the world. He's into photography and most of his blog entries featured key cities and destinations in the Philippines.

I would definitely vote for him if he decides to run for Secretary of the Department of Tourism. Let me post some of his pictures which I took from Migs' website (I hope he don't mind).

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