February 4, 2011

13 Outstanding Free Software

As a Technical Support Agent, I'm sometimes faced with customers who wanted to have some free software that they can use at home. Since I'm limited to the support that I can provide and I can't just recommend any software to customers (for Quality purposes), I took the liberty on listing down 13 Outstanding Free Software for me. I'm actually using these at home:

1. Free Download Manager -- if you have slow Internet connection at home and you're downloading a large file, it would be best to use this one so that you can be sure that even if your connection gets disconnected, you won't have to start downloading the file from scratch. It also speeds up the download time.

2. Update Checker -- would surely make the software in your computer updated. The site is also a good source for downloading most of the software that I'll mention here.

3. Open Office Suite -- is the best alternative to MS Office and it's absolutely FREE. You can also save your documents into PDF format using this software.

4. Mozilla FireFox -- is the best alternative to Internet Explorer. You would definitely love the tab browsing feature and not to mention you could personalize it in so many ways.

5. Mozilla Thunderbird -- this is the best Email Client for me. It works with almost every email address on the planet. All you have to do is enter your username and password and it would configure the client for you. You don't have to search Google for the POP and SMTP settings.

6. Picasa -- by Google. Simply the best way to organize your pictures. Not to mention, it's fully compatible with Blogger. Simply click on BlogThis! icon, compose your post and hit on Publish Post.

7. iTunes -- from Apple, the manufacturer of the famous iPod, iPhone and iPad. Good thing they provided a free music-organizer for Windows.

8. Adobe Reader -- for all your PDF and eBook needs.

9. Malwarebytes -- simply the best FREE anti-virus in the market.

10. VLC Player -- for playing video files. It's compatible with almost all video file types.

11. Skype -- a better alternative to Yahoo! Messenger in terms of video and sound quality. I used this in my short-lived career as an Online English Tutor.

12. CCleaner -- is best used to delete those files and cookies that is slowing down your connection. Also used for deleting unnecessary files and registry entries left by a recent uninstall.

13. uTorrent -- is my preferred torrent client. I simply pronounce it as "u" Torrent (and not the Greek letter). I just find it a bit faster than Bit Torrent in terms of download time.

Do you have a similar list of Free Software that you're using?
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