About Me


My name is Elmer and this is my attempt to create a Blog.

I’m a Filipino gay guy, working in a call center at the Bonifacio Global City. I love technology and I would like to be called a certified techie one day. Other than working as a call center at night, and sleeping most of the day, I have a Long-Distance Relationship with my boyfriend Oreo. He's currently working at Saudi Arabia and will be coming home in a few months. This is my way of committing to the relationship and to keep in touch as well.

I enjoy a lot of other things like playing DotA, Ragnarok Online, reading novels, and watching movies. I'm your typical Filipino guy -- who happens to love another guy.

If you're asking what you can you can get out of this Blog, well, I write the things that interests me, which I do hope interest you as well so that you'll keep on visiting this blog (hehe). [At this point, I would like you to know that I'm a BIG fan of The Manila Gay Guy].

I grew up in Bulacan by the way but I'm currently living in Pasig City. Most of the things that you'll encounter in this blog would probably center around the places I'm usually at: Pasig City, Bonifacio Global and the Ortigas Area. I'm not into club-hopping nor parties. I just love being at home.

By the way, I'm hoping that my two foreign friends, Helmut and Honza, will be reading this blog as well. If you have any comments, please do send me an email to improve the contents of the site: elmerlovesoreo@gmail.com.

To Oreo: you are helping me to be a better person and I can't thank you enough for that. I do hope to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you always.


June 29, 2011 -- Oreo and I are no longer lovers. We broke up 3 months ago. I'm currently single and ready to mingle.

July 8, 2011 -- Oreo and I talked and we're back to each others arms. We're lovers again.