October 6, 2010

Two Movies

During our very short courtship period of two weeks, Oreo and I just had 2 dates. On both dates, it includes watching films which we both love.

The first movie that we watched was "Final Destination 4". I'm actually a fan of the movie series. At the time that we are deciding what to watch, Oreo wants "Kimmy Dora". I don't know what happened, but we ended up watching FD4. When I got home that day, I actually regret watching the film. I should have gave in to what Oreo wanted. It could have been a more hilarious date.
The 2nd movie we watched was "In My Life". This time, we both enjoyed watching the movie. It was romantic, realistic but a bit sad due to the ending. Nonetheless, we're both happy that we watched this movie. I even watched this 2 more times at home. I imagined our relationship to be like John & Luis: arguments, meeting the parents, lots of decisions involving us, and the simple joys of living together like dinner and bedtime.
Oreo and I both decided to live together next year. It's a year from now and I'm a bit worried and excited to share my life with him. I know it won't be easy, but as long as we both decide on something and we agree, then I don't see any problem. Life is like watching movies: sometimes you watch good films, sometimes it's a bad choice. But the bad choices doesn't stop you from watching another movie.

October 1, 2010

The Clan

I am a member of Men's Labyrinth. It's a clan for bisexuals and gays that promote camaraderie and friendship through Group Messages (GM) and Grand Eye Balls (GEB). I'm a member since December last year.

Men's Labyrinth came into existence when members and officers of my former clan, The Mega Manila Bachelor's Society (MMBS) had some dispute and disagreements. We decided to separate from that clan and established our own.

Since then, we have 10 GEBs and several mini-GEBS including 2 swimming parties. Although our GEB is usually a karaoke session at Starlites, Cubao, it's our way of bounding with each other. We chat, drink, sing and get familiar with the members of the clan.

In between GEBs, we send a minimum of 15 GMs to every member of the clan. We have an average membership of 40+ like-minded guys who are mostly fun to be with. We get to know the members through texting and call conference. It's fun to be a member.

This clan is precious to me since I met my husband, Oreo, indirectly through this clan. A few weeks after I became a member, I met Randy who introduced me to his close friend, Oreo. Although Oreo never became a member and never attended a GEB, I always dream of the day that we'd walk into our room in Starlites, smile and tell every member "Guys, this is my husband, the love of my life, Oreo".

One more year, and we'll finally attend the GEB together.