October 20, 2011

The Last Post

Naks, parang “The Last Song” lang ah! (It’s just like “The Last Song”)

So this is the last post on this blog. I would like to invite you all to my new blog, which was named after my pen name in college – “el toro bumingo”. Sounds Mexican, right?

thank you

Thanks to everyone who showed their concern to me and expressed their sadness on what happened between me and my ex-BF Oreo. Don’t worry guys, I’m okay and I’m handling this situation with flying rainbow colors!

I’m over him and I just want to leave this blog which is my gift to him. I don’t want to change anything here, but I don’t want to add another post either. Thus, my new blog. 

To Oreo, I’ll forever love you, as a friend. I don’t have any regrets at all to what happened between us. I’m happy during our time together. I hope you’ll find your own happiness. I wish you all the best. Like I told you a dozen times, I treat all my ex-BFs as friends. I believe things happened for a reason. When I love someone, hate is the last thing that comes to my mind. Good luck on all your endeavors!

To all the readers of this blog, and to all my blogger friends – G.B. Goer, Tobie and Rocky, JM, Orange Wit, Discreet M, Rent, Brian, and those whom I forgot to mention – thank you! I invite you all to visit my new blog and re-direct your traffic to it.


Like that famous line from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I can say that “all is well”.

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October 19, 2011

Penultimate Post

Penultimate means “next to the last”. So this is literally the second to the last post that you’ll be reading on this blog. The goal of this blog is to bring me and my lover Oreo closer to each other and it was never achieved. So I guess, the end of our relationship means the end of this blog as well.

As much as I wanted to give you a happy ending to the whole Elmer & Oreo relationship, it didn’t happen. Our relationship ended after two years of keeping in touch. It ended the day I met him, after two years.

Here’s what happened.

Oreo arrived October 2, 2011 and since then, he never texted me. I called him multiple times ever since he arrived but whenever I get hold of him, he’s either busy, sleepy (due to a drinking session), or he simply doesn’t answer the call. So I gave him two weeks for his friends and family.

After two weeks, he texted me. I thought he’ll meet me finally to have our private moment but he’s just instructing me to send him my “utang” (borrowed money) via M Lhuiller. I got mad and replied that I supposed to give it to him personally, which was our arrangement when I borrowed the money. So he agreed to meet me last October 14.

Before I even met him that day, I was already determined to break up with him because he’s totally ignoring me during his whole vacation. I felt left out. However, he brought along one of his friends during the meeting. I felt awkward to tell him how I wanted to break up with him because his friend doesn’t give us time alone. So I decided that I’ll just tell it to him next time we meet. So the meeting was business as usual. I paid him my loan, had some coffee with Oreo and his friend, chit chat, and gave him my gift. I never felt the urge to kiss him that day.


Last October 16, I just found out that he’s back in Saudi! I felt really mad that he didn’t even said goodbye properly. So I sent him this letter via FB and email telling him that I’m breaking up with him:

October 16, 2011 – 11:34 PM


Naguguluhan talaga ako sa takbo ng utak mo. Una, sabi mo 1 month ang vacation mo. Tapos nung nagkita tayo sa Megamall, sabi mo Monday ang lipad mo papuntang KSA. Sunday palang ngayon, pero nakita ko sa FB mo na nasa KSA ka na. Parang walang natupad dun sa mga sinabi mo ah.

Akala ko ba we would spend some time sa Sogo near Trinoma? Initially nga sabi mo sa EDSA Horizon Hotel. Tapos ngayon nasa KSA ka na. Sayang, ‘di ko tuloy nasabi sa ‘yo personally na I’m breaking up with you.

Sasabihin ko sana last Friday nung nagkita tayo sa Megamall. Nung nasa FX ako, iniisip ko na kung pano ko sasabihin sa ‘yo na makikipag-break na ako sa ‘yo. Kaso, nagsama ka naman ng tropa mo. Nag-alangan naman akong makipag-break sa ‘yo sa tapat ng tropa mo. So akala ko, you would push through sa original plan mo na Sogo. At least, kung natuloy yun, nasabi ko sana sa ‘yo personally and I don’t need to tell it to you via email.

Kaya nung nagkita tayo sa Megamall, I can’t even kiss you, kahit sa cheeks. Di ko magawang halikan ang isang tao na ‘di ko na mahal, as boyfriend. I already considered you as an ex-bf and as a friend nung nagkita tayo sa Megamall. We don’t kiss our friends di ba? Lalo na sa lips.

Anyway, since nandyan ka na ulit sa KSA, sa FB at email ko na lang sasabihin sa ‘yo. I’m breaking up with you, again, with finality. Actually, nung mga bandang June pa ‘ko nakapag-move on thinking na hindi na tayo. I just gave you a second chance nung sinabi mo sa FB na tayo pa. So I gave you your second chance thinking na ‘pag bumalik ka this October, I might love you again.

Pero ano ginawa mo? You blew it up big time. You spend two weeks with your friends, drinking to your heart’s content. I’ve called you 4 times and you just ignored it. I texted you multiple times and even filed all my remaining leaves for you but you never bothered to give me a day of your hectic schedule. Tapos gusto mo pa, ipadala ko sa ‘yo via MLhuiller yung utang ko para ‘di mo talaga ako makita during your entire stay here in Manila.

Ano ba ginawa ko sa ‘yo to treat me this way? Ano ba kasalanan ko sa ‘yo? Hindi talaga kita maintindihan. Ganun ba kasama ang childhood mo at gusto mong gumanti sa mga taong nagmamahal sa ‘yo? I really don’t get it.

Baka naman gusto mo pang itanong sa ‘kin kung bakit ako nakikipag-break sa ‘yo? For obvious reasons that you’re not treating me as a boyfriend and you’re no longer in love with me. Pero I’m not the bitter type of ex-boyfriend naman. I would still thank you for all the things you’ve done for me. The greatest of which is natuto akong mag-blog because of my love for you.

Baka naman akusahan mo pa ako na may iba na kong boyfriend or mahal. Kapal naman ng mukha mo kung yun ang iniisip mo. I can proudly say to everyone that you’re still my last kiss and my last sex. Yun nga lang, that was two years ago.

Oreo, thank you, for everything. Tulad ng lagi kong sinasabi sa ‘yo, I will always love you, the same way that I always love all my ex-bfs. I love you all as friends. BTW, I’m giving you the benefit of replying to his email first before I publish this to our blog.

Your ex-bf,


I gave him enough time to respond to the email and my FB message but he never replied. I can see that he’s online in FB but he doesn’t chat with me. So I never got to hear his side of the story and I never got the chance to publish his reply here in our blog (or should I say my blog).

I did undergo the 5 Stages of Grief (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance) for the loss of my love for Oreo. I can say that I have accepted what happened. I am now ready to move on. Thus, I can now publish this penultimate post.

My last post would be a link to a new blog. A blog dedicated to me and about me. I won’t tie my future blog to someone so that I don’t have to undergo this process again. Hope to see you guys in my next blog and I thank you all for being with me for the past few months.

Another thing that happened to me because of this blog is that I met new friends: fellow bloggers and readers.

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October 15, 2011

Meeting My Boyfriend After 2 Years

Just a quick post before I go to sleep. Yesterday, I finally meet my boyfriend again, after two years. I can’t describe the feeling. I was happy to see him again and at the same time shy. I barely talked the whole time. It was like… meeting a long-time text buddy / Facebook friend… for the first time.

It was just a quick meet up. I was on my way home to sleep and he’s also on his way to a friend’s party. He has his friend with him that added to my shyness. We met at Starbucks Megamall and we just had coffee. It was very casual. I’m really sorry to disappoint you my readers, but our meet up wasn’t at all romantic. It’s like, two old friends, meeting up after two years. Probably I was very sleepy the whole time that my romantic side didn’t kicked in.

I’m very happy to see Oreo though.

Tomorrow’s my rest day so hopefully he’s not busy and we could give each other some “alone time” together so that we talk and get to know each other, again.

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October 10, 2011

Another Apology


I hope you don’t get tired of my apologies for not updating this blog on a regular basis. I know that in order for me to achieve a regular influx of readers and to maintain my current followers, I should blog often, on a regular interval. It just so happened that I got so busy with work, got sick the past few days (stiff neck), and my regular excuse: writer’s block.

So far, since my last post, here are some of the things that happened to me:

  • Oreo arrived here in the Philippines last Sunday and I received his text saying “D2 n me pinas!” at exactly 3:44 PM October 2.
  • I got addicted to “The Walking Dead” and finished Season 1. They’re currently working on Season 2. “The Walking Dead” is a US TV series focusing on the subject of Zombie Apocalypse.
  • I really felt sorry for the residents of Calumpit, Pulilan, and Hagonoy in Bulacan and in some parts of Pampanga. It’s because I’m a Bulakeño (I own a house in Baliuag, Bulacan) and I studied college in Malolos. I have friends in college who lives in those towns and during my college years, I visited those places as well. I want to blog about their situation and their suffering but I also feel that news on TV has been saturated with such news that the last thing you’ll expect is a blog post about it. We are also a victim of such flooding (because of Ondoy in 2009) and I know how difficult their situation is. I hope their situation improves with government assistance.
  • I watched two movie adaptations of the novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist: “Let the Right One In”. The first one is the American version “Let Me In” and then I also watched the Swedish version “Let the Right One In”. I want to compare the two movies and blog about it but the idea got stuck on my head. Overall, I like the American version. It has more drama.
  • Our account gave us the book “The Simple Truths of Service” written by Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz. It’s also about customer service. I want to share its contents but I haven’t read the book yet. I’m sure there are some pointers that we could get from this book that will surely help us, being customer service representatives or technical support agents.
  • I saw the music video of “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera and it became my Last Song Syndrome (LSS).
  • I made follow-up emails regarding the unfinished housing project of Habitat for Humanity and the Pasig City Government which I wrote about in this blog. I posted their replies in that article and I’m committed to get their scheduled time of completion for this project. Being a blogger surely denotes some social responsibilities like this one.

When I started blogging over a year ago (as a gift to my lover Oreo), I thought blogging is just a hobby that you can do on your leisure time. Now, I realized it’s like a job, a responsibility. I have a responsibility to my readers to provide them with articles that are worth reading and at the same time, do some things for the community (as a way of giving back) through blogging. Most importantly (as what my fellow bloggers are saying), I need to blog regularly. That’s the key to a successful blogging career. I have to keep that in mind.

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October 2, 2011

Taytay Church

The complete name of Taytay Church is St. John The Baptist Parish Church. It is located at San Isidro, Taytay, Rizal. I visited it this morning, for the first time. I love to take pictures of Roman Catholic churches, partly because I’m Catholic, and I have interest with architecture and photography.

The marker on the church façade reads:

“Dating yari sa mahihinang kagamitan na ipinatayo ng mga misyonerong Pransiskano malapit sa baybayin ng Laguna de Bay, 1579. Nahiwalay bilang visita ng Santa Ana de Sapa, 1583. Inilipat sa kasalukuyang pook ni P. Pedro Chirino, S.J., 1591 at bininyagan ang bayan ng pangalang San Juan del Monte. Ipinagawa ang unang simbahang bato sa labas ng Maynila. Muling ipinagawa ang pangalawang simbahang bato na higit na malaki ni P. Juan de Salazar, 1630. Nasira ang bubungan ng malakas na bagyo, 1632. Ipinaayos sa pamamahala ng mga Sekular, 1768 at sa mga Agustinong Rekoletos, 1864. Muling nasunog noong digmaang Filipino-Amerikano, 1899. Pinalaki para matugunan ang lumalaking populasyon noong mga unang taon nang 1970s.”

Here’s my translation of the marker for the benefit of my Czech friend Honza:

“Previously made from light materials, it was constructed by Franciscan missionaries near the Laguna Bay in 1579. It was separated as the church of Santa Ana de Sapa in 1583. It was transferred to its present location by Father Pedro Chirino in 1591 and the town was named Saint John of Monte. It was the first stone-church outside of Manila. It was rebuilt as the second stone-church, which is larger, by Father Juan de Salazar in 1630. The roof of the church was destroyed by a strong typhoon in 1632. It was repaired under the Secular in 1768, and under the Augustinian Rekoletos in 1864. It was again burned during the Filipino-American War in 1899. It was expanded to sustain the growing population during the early years of 1970s”

What makes this church unique is the large tree in front of the bell tower and the large statue of St. John The Baptist on the left-side of the façade.


September 30, 2011

Josh Page Singing "Rainbow Connection"

Just a quick post. I saw Josh Page’s video singing “Rainbow Connection” on Facebook. Dale Bacar shared it on his Facebook Wall. I loved his voice instantly! He reminds me of Josh Groban. He’s also cute.

Here’s Josh Page singing “Rainbow Connection”. Visit his YouTube Channel here to hear his other songs.

He’s cute and his voice is fabulous.

Pasig City’s Ordinance No. 9


I saw this huge sign at KFC-Pasig earlier when I ordered box-of-six. It reads:

“Pasig City Ordinance #9 series of 2010, “An Ordinance banning the use of any form of plastic bags on dry goods and regulating its utilization on wet goods, as well as the use of Styrofoam and similar materials as containers for food, produce and other products, providing penalties for its violation thereof and for other purposes”, applies specifically to “PLASTIC BAG” (including plastic straw) & “STYROFOAM FOOD CONTAINERS” and NOT to plastic cutleries, plastic dining wares & plastic kitchen wares utilized by fast food restaurants to serve food and drinks.” Starting July 1, 2011

That explains why KFC and Jollibee are no longer using plastic bags. I wonder how McDonalds, Pizza Hut and other fast food chains are doing. I felt like I am in the United States where paper bags are part of their everyday life.

I must say, it’s one of the best ordinance ever passed by the City Government of Pasig. I just hope that they would have the will-power to implement this for more than 1 year. I hope it’s not a “ningas-kugon” (something that doesn’t last) or simple publicity.

BTW, Jollibee’s paper bags were supplied by Detpak.


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September 29, 2011

RWC 2011 Fan Art Competition

Another exciting side event of the upcoming Ragnarok World Championship 2011 in Seoul, South Korea is the Fan Art Competition. It’s amazing to know that there are so many talented artists who are also fan of the online game Ragnarok.

Here are some of the entries for this year’s Fan Art Competition:

brazil fan artfan art philippinesfan art usindonesia fan artjapan fan art 2japan fan art 3japan fan art 4japan fan artkorea fan arttaiwan fan art 2taiwan fan artthailand fan art

Who do you think would bring home the prize?

September 25, 2011

RWC 2011 Cosplay Competition

This year, cosplay competition is one of the side events of Ragnarok World Championship in Seoul, Korea. Cosplay has been integrated into the Ragnarok world since it was launched in 2003. Here in the Philippines, cosplay always takes place on Day 2 of the annual Level Up! Live. It’s one of the most favorite part of the celebration.

Let’s take a look at the 2011 Cosplay Competition entries from different participating countries. As you can see, the Archbishop is a favorite character to cosplay, as well as the Stalker, Ninja, and Royal Guard. The Philippine entries are the Soul Linker, Royal Guard and the male Ranger.


Soul Linker





7_600x450 alche japan

Royal Guard and Alchemist

japan ab japan ninja

Arch-Bishop and Ninja



 japan ranger japan rg

Sniper and Crusader

 korea ab korea ninja

Arch-Bishop and Taekwon Master

 korea rogue 2 stalker thailand


 thailand wizard


 us alche


 us priest