June 27, 2011

Berlitz Conversation #3

I already passed the Berlitz Exam not just once or twice, but thrice! Berlitz is a language-assessment test being conducted by some US ISP companies that off-shore their Technical Support service.

As a way to prepare for the Berlitz Exam, I would write a script. It starts with the main sentence where all the questions of the interviewer would start. The technique in passing the Berlitz Exam is to talk about things you’re comfortable with and avoiding topics that you don’t want to talk about.


In my Berlitz Conversation #3, I only mentioned 4 things: computer games, movies, music and novels. The Interviewer has no choice but to ask me questions (follow-up questions) related to these 4 things I’ve mentioned. I already have follow-up answers to those topics.

I hope this script of mine would help future Berlitz Exam takers.

Hi! My name is Elmer. I’m 34 years old and lives in Pasig City, the Philippines. I love computer games, novels, movies and music.

My favorite game is called Defense of the Ancients, commonly known as DotA. It’s a computer game compose of 2 teams, each has 5 members. First, you need to select your Hero or character from a roster of more than 90 Heroes. Second, you need to attack the opposing team’s base and destroy all their buildings. As you progress in the game, you’ll get more gold and gains more levels and abilities for your Hero. The game ends once you destroy your opponents’ main structure called Ancients.

My favorite novel is “The Vampire Chronicles”. It’s the story of how the vampires were created, as told by the main character named Lestat. It is also about his friendship to other vampires and humans as well.

My favorite movie is “Love and Other Drugs”. It’s about a pharmacist who’s very talented and is on the road to being a top executive for pharmaceutical firm Pfizer. He then met and fell in love with a girl with Parkinson’s disease. That’s when he came to a crossroad in his life: whether to take the road to a successful career but staying single or the road to a simpler, married life. He eventually decided to stay and get married.

My favorite song is entitled “This I Promise You”. It’s about loving someone forever, like that of a wedding vow. It’s about giving the significant other, one’s heart, word, and commitment to stay married, until one’s life is through.

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  1. This berlitz test is giving me a headache I think I failed this test many times as I try to apply in a call center any advice I want to work in a call center but I'm not really good in English I really need help thanks